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7 Best Jobs for people who love to talk

Several factors get taken into consideration when an individual decides upon their dream job. The most important factors are the skills possessed by an individual. These skills may be technical, like programming or as basic as good communication skills. Communication skills are one of the stepping stones in almost all job domains. Without effective communication, an individual cannot secure their place in the corporate world. 

Young professionals attend multiple workshops and training to learn weak points in terms of communication and improve upon them. But, some people have excellent communication skills and love to talk. Talking in itself is an art that everyone cannot master.

Here are a few career opportunities you can pursue if you are a person who loves to talk.

Sales Representatives

As soon as the phrase ‘good at talking’ comes into one’s mind, the first career opportunity they think of is in the sales department. A sales representative is required to possess excellent communication skills that are enough to compel a consumer to buy a product. Customer satisfaction is not only enhanced by product quality but also by sales and promotion strategies & this makes it one of the most desirable jobs for people who love to talk.

Customer support and information service can be a good option for those who love to talk


People who love to talk must not let their skills go in vain and be ready to hold the mic. The job of a news announcer is the ultimate dream & one of the best jobs for people who love to talk. Not only are they able to project their skills but our known by people from all around the world. A Bachelor’s in Journalism or Communication is a prerequisite for this career prospect.

Customer Service

It is often said that customer service and sales, and promotion go hand in hand. This is because the promotion of products increases sales, leading consumers to have doubts regarding their product. Customer service has become an essential part of businesses and companies. A customer service representative must be good at communication and handle clients in a way that they are satisfied with their responses.

The sales job is also a good option for those who love to talk


What is better than doing what you love and helping people get better at their craft. One of the fundamental traits of a teacher is good communication skills. An individual may have plenty of skills, but if they are not able to communicate them well, the teaching process remains incomplete. Teachers are required in all aspects, and the job is one of the most reputed careers when can have. This leads to one of the most suitable jobs for people who love to talk.


The term interpreter signifies an individual who knows multiple languages and helps people from different ethnicities communicate among themselves. The job requires not only good communication skills but also good linguistic skills. It is perfect for people who like to learn new languages and explore new cultures. Additionally, it can help you gain a social network spread across the globe by learning different languages up to native-level fluency.

Speech And Language Counselor

Many individuals face difficulties in articulating words and stammer or stutter while communicating. Even though these problems take time to be resolved, a speech therapist is all these people need. If you opt for being one, you communicate with a lot of people and help them, which equals social work. Different certifications are required for being a speech therapist dealing with problems like stammering, dysmorphia, etc. and this makes it to one of the finest jobs for people who love to talk.

Speech and language counselling is also a good option for those who love to talk

Voice Over

This career prospect not only requires people who love to talk but also people with a good voice. Many individuals are born with the talent of manipulating their voices according to different characters. There is immense scope for these people in the entertainment industry. The jobs are fun and varying, ranging from dramas to audiobooks, so on and so forth.

We hope the career opportunities outlined above will help you determine the best career according to your skills. Which job do you think will be most suitable for you? Let us know in the comment section below.

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