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Advantages & Disadvantages — The Second Angle


When it comes to acquiring an MBA degree, today’s management and business undergraduates have more alternatives than ever before. With a growing number of options, this might be challenging to know where to start, especially when looking for the finest online MBA. Tutors are the key source of data and knowledge in a classroom environment, and they follow a regulated schedule and work at a fixed pace.

The major source of information in distant learning is published Self Learning Materials (SLM) with additional personal contact sessions. Learning Management Systems (LMS) are critical in the case of online degree programs. According to the Graduate Management Admission Survey, online MBA courses have seen a 36 per cent increase in enrolment rate, compared to 24 per cent for full-time, two-year programs. When it comes to occupations following an MBA, according to the US Bureau of Statistics, MBA jobs are predicted to expand by 15% by 2022.

It’s no surprise that whether you do your regular MBA or online MBA, you’ll have a good opportunity ahead of you. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages of doing an online MBA that are as follows:

Advantages of Online MBA


Unlike a traditional MBA, an online MBA allows you to work around your busy schedule and complete the program. An online MBA education can be taken anywhere around the globe and at your own pace. Beside from that, online MBA programs offer flexible study schedules and curriculum that allows you to watch live lectures, participate in comment sections/forums with classmates, and take quizzes from anywhere.



Since not all online MBA courses are the same and vary from one institution to another, credentials have an impact on the program’s reputation. Most firms search for MBA graduates who have earned their degrees from reputed, well-accredited institutions. This greatly increases their worth and credibility. Moreover, the best online MBA schools are becoming more tech-savvy. As a result, if you consider taking an online MBA, consider its reputation as well. 

Cost Efficiency

The cost-effectiveness of an online MBA is one of its most substantial benefits. Online MBA programs are less expensive than traditional MBA programs. This is because they have low operational costs. By paying your monthly instalments, you might choose a lengthy online MBA program that is cheaper. This payment method is not only more convenient for low-income students, but it also appeals to organizations who might consider funding some or all your continuing education.


Many reputable universities and business schools around India and the world provide the top online MBA programs. Following these courses will not only establish vital business and management qualities in you but will also boost your profile and make you a useful asset to organizations. Recruiters will also place great importance on you. You will be able to expand your business network globally and engage in world issues and events because of this.

Disadvantages of Online MBA

Aside from the benefits, there are several drawbacks to consider before registering in an online MBA program as follows:

Lack of Campus Exposure

When it comes to online education, you’ll certainly miss out on the benefits of in-person or on-campus coaching. You study not only the subject but also the atmosphere when you enrol in a regular MBA program. Short projects and programs on campuses organized for online students can sometimes challenge to match the same spirit and vibe. Aside from that, an online MBA will not provide you with the same opportunity to listen to a professor’s class or to build lasting bonds with your colleagues. It means you won’t be able to socialize with your peers. Online students could also miss out on school-sponsored career counselling and job fairs.


Study Balance with other Commitments

You could prioritise your academics and focus on your program in a full-time/on-campus MBA program. The online MBA, on the other hand, demands you to manage your career and other obligations with your studies. You’ll need to use your self-discipline and organization skills to find time in your busy routine to finish your coursework. Because students who study alone in an online environment might delay chores and neglect tests and assignments. Additionally, some students require immediate feedback and coaching, which is not always practicable or available in an online environment.

Longer Time to Complete

Most students enrol in an online MBA while working or handling other responsibilities. In comparison to traditional MBA programs, this course may take longer to complete. Therefore, most universities and institutions offer four-year online MBA programs. Yet, several short-term online MBA programs can be cost-effective but leave you feeling pressured. As a result, it causes recruiters to be unsure about you to hire.

Technology Costs

It’s no wonder that online courses have lower tuition costs than physical courses in some cases. However, you may need to spend more money on smart, secure gadgets that allow you to learn online. The best online MBA programs are no exception. You’ll need a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, as well as a stable, high-speed internet connection. You’ll also need a backup power source in case of a power outage. So, if you want to complete your online MBA course without disruptions, you’ll have to spend some money.

There are several benefits and drawbacks to pursuing MBA through online mode, but the decision to pursue an MBA degree online or on-campus is all yours. You are free to select any style that best matches your needs. Visit for more information on MBA program and colleges. According to reports, online MBA graduates land profitable positions with attractive pay packages and receive promotions soon after graduation. 

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