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5 Expert Tips to study for Entrance Exam | Crack AMU Entrance

After an in-depth analysis and special sessions with toppers and experts, we’ve extracted valuable information on How to study for the Entrance Exam. In the same series, here we bring before you the first article on AMU Exam Pattern and Entrance Tips.

How not to let the Books Scare you

A student understands very well what books can do, right from being helpful to being scary. I am not exaggerating but books can be really tricky and they can send your mind spinning in all directions. Well here’s the trick: you want to master the trade, you got to learn the art. So here we’ll be talking about the art of not letting the books get on your head.

  1. Find a Pattern

There’s always a certain way in which every process runs. Be it the theory of magnetism or the never-ending formulas of organic chemistry or maybe the intestinal systems of frog, cow or an earthworm, in every process, there is a pattern. Find the pattern and follow it. Trust me; you won’t have to cram up the steps then. You’ll just know how one thing happens after another.

  1. Rewrite

The language that is used in books can be pretty confusing and downright horrifying sometimes. Not all books use
student-friendly language. So what you need to do is rewrite the content. Whichever topic you pick up, understand it first (I am taking the liberty of assuming here that you’ll have some help in understanding the topics by your teachers or seniors.) After you have understood it, try writing it in your own words. Keep it simple so that you can understand it later without any help. This way, you understand things clearly and writing is also a good practice for memorizing things. And finally, you have in hand your own Entrance Notes.

  1. Don’t be a Parrot

Now I am absolutely aware of the long, troubling, hard to pronounce words that you have to fix in your memory because technical education my friend, depends completely on the technical terminology. So what I’d advise is that you pick up a topic, write the related terminology on a card and their meanings on the other side of the card. Now rehearse those words along with the meaning. After a few times, you’d automatically pick up the words and their meanings.

  1. Divide

Books are divided into chapters or units. When you see a book as a group of chapters, it doesn’t sound horrifying. Pick up a chapter, read through, make notes, understand, solve questions and then pick up another chapter.

  1. Don’t rely completely on Books

Different books might contain different information on the same topic and each one will claim to be a 100% true. That confuses students. So don’t just depend on books for the information. If there is a doubt and you find contradicting answers in different books, take help from your teachers, use the internet. Use verified sources and then decide your answer. Remember, Books are not always correct.

We’ve tried the best possible to help the applicants each year through detailed knowledge on Aligarh Muslim University Entrance Exam; we hope these Entrance Tips will prove to be valuable for you.

Check out AMU Last Year Entrance Papers | Previous Year Question Paper PDF

There’s a lot more coming ahead in the Entrance Tips Series. Stay Tuned.

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