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How To Negotiate a Raise With Any Job – Beyond Grades – Online Mentors India


1. Salary Negotiations are Hostile and Adversarial

The first thing you should keep in mind while negotiating is- It is not immoral or greedy to negotiate. One might think that accepting what your boss has to offer is the best path to a salary raise, but it is never disrespectful to negotiate. After all, both your employer and you need the same thing- for you to keep working in the current role.

On the contrary, you should not sound mean when asking for a raise. You should carefully navigate the conversation by adding your achievements and how you have contributed to the success of the company to remind them that you are a valuable asset to them. 

2. You need to read about Negotiations

Yes, people are writing long books on the art of negotiations, and podcasts and YouTube videos are teaching you about negotiating in the career world. 

Not just negotiations, when a person tries new things, it is essential to study and practice them. So, your practice will teach you more about it than youtube lectures that cannot hold your attention for more than 10 minutes. 


3. You should be able to get your way

Another myth around negotiation is that you’ll always end up winning. Unfortunately, sometimes your boss won’t agree to your terms no matter how hard you try to persuade him, which might be due to several reasons. Still, you should be able to realize when it is time to leave your proposal and accept what your employer is offering. 

However, even if you didn’t get the raise you desired, a good negotiation can still change things for you in other ways. 

4. Negotiation is a God’s Gift

A common myth about many skills is that people are born with them. Nobody is born a negotiator, and just like any other skill, negotiation can be honed and mastered with practice and knowledge. 

An excellent way to practice negotiation from a young age is in local markets. You don’t need classes or lectures from professional negotiators to learn about it– observe how people around you negotiate for little things and try it yourself. After all, your aim is not to become a world-class negotiator. It is enough to get things done your way in your professional life.

5. My Boss has more Knowledge about Things

Of course, you will not achieve whatever you want every time. However, experience is not a primary criterion in negotiating for a raise. Your boss might have more exposure to things than you, and he might be a competent negotiator. But, if you can put a convincing case that shows how productive and beneficial you are as an employee, you might be able to turn the tables.



Nobody is born a negotiator, but it is every person’s choice if they want to become one. One can comprehend, master, and refine negotiation just like any other skill. Negotiation is not just to increase your salary, even though it is an integral part of your job, but it can benefit you in many other ways. From street vendors to big wins, the art of negotiation is entrenched in the monetary world. 

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