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Is AMU A Secular University? The Question Which Needs To Be Answered

This question often raises its head time and again, we at The Second Angle have tried to divulge on this controversial issue and present to you a ‘secular’ answer.

The question that comes in most of the Non-Muslim Student before taking Admission to Aligarh Muslim University is that will they get an equal opportunity, status, recognition as any Muslim student gets in the AMU? Then the question of secularism raises its head, first of all, what does Secularism mean to us? As it is stated, secularism means ‘equal treatment of all religions by the state.’ When we talk about Secularism, we must learn to accept religious diversity rather than imposing dogmatic conformity.

Uttar Pradesh, Dec 21 (ANI): Members of Aligarh Muslim University take part in a protest march against the citizenship amendment act in University Campus in Aligarh on Saturday. (ANI Photo)

It is evident that the varsity is purely secular as the students who get admission and are enrolled are based on their ‘merit and not their religion’, Moreover, the varsity has students from different religions and communities from all corners of India, in fact from the whole world. You can find students from Kashmir to Karnataka here and if we follow the global dots, there are students from Dubai, to Mauritius to Afghanistan. The University is a true exa…..continue reading

Read Detailed Report: Is AMU A Secular University?

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