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Is It Wrong To Help People In Job Search? — Mentor Monkey


Helping someone is always represents your good gesture and personality trait. Helping anybody is not wrong, especially in job searching who is needy and needs your guidance, can help anyone attain your success. It is crucial to help your siblings, friends, or any person who are facing any issue in future guidance like what to do after school, after graduation or post-graduation, where to apply or not, what to attain or not, the solution of such tricky question can clear the picture for any person. Proper guidance is the key to success for anybody. It can help anyone to build a career in their respective field.

Few things you can help any person in job search by following means –

The first important thing which is the necessity to guide is to lead towards skills and abilities.

Skills are the foremost thing to be needed before going for any job opportunity. Skills can be anything, nowadays people are opting their hobbies and earning from that. Guide them to attain some skills that can highlight your personality and help reach your dreams.

Knowledge is the second thing that any newcomer or fresher needs before stepping into the job front.

Without knowledge, nobody company or industry will hire. As we are in the technology world, we have a source of excessive knowledge on the internet no matter what topic anyone searches on. For better results, try to gather some off-field knowledge for a safe side as knowledge never falls.

The next suggestion is to help prepare a CV/Resume.

A CV is the first thing that represents your personality in front of a hiring committee. Another suggestion is to research the respective company and job title or description before applying anywhere. Try to get to know the base of the respective company, work environment, what service they provide, or what product they sell. It will help any fresher to get an idea of what heshe is going to sign in. Or if you any employee or co-worker from there try to get connect for better opinions.


There are many applications and website which has amazing CV patterns and format for the first impressing gesture. There are a few important which needs to add to your CV like what are your skills and abilities, any experience, what are your hobbies, what is your concern for the future, your educational qualifications and in what specific field you are best at and along with it, try to prepare a cover letter as well. And when research is done, a CV and cover letter prepared.

The next vital thing to guide for Interview tips.

After CV representing yourself is the most crucial task in an interview half of your performance is based on how you reacted to questions, how patience you have, your body language, your dress code, and your facial expressions. Any fresher can have a mock interview test over the internet, where heshe can practice an interview.

After the interview session, guide them to make a list of the companies that are currently hiring in their specific field and the required qualification for selection.

Before getting any job, it is crucial to know what domain of work and area of interest is preferable. In today’s scenario, everybody wants a secured job for a better future, as many fraud companies are running aside, it is very tough to analyze where to apply.

So for this assurance, there are numerous social media platforms where anyone can make a profile and start exploring the respective company, what kind of people they are hiring, what is their salary structure, from how long they are in the job market, and many more. Websites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Indeed help fresher’s and newcomers know the job market from the core.

Getting a job is a huge task in everyone’s life, so for better results, guide them to maintain positivity and patience and don’t lose hope because due to competition, the result might come late but surely come. Guide them to listen to some motivational content that holds their strength and makes them stronger to face any rejection letter positively.


As mentioned earlier, we are in a technological world. Up-gradation in every sector is on peak level, it is very important to have an upgrade skill, current emerging trends economic or social, basic new technology for more beneficial feedback, and last but not the most minor continuing education for a future scenario.

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