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Last Year Cut-off for AMU Entrance Examinations | Minimum cut off

Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Aligarh conducts Entrance Examinations to various courses of Admission including both the Test Courses and the Departmental Test / Non-test Courses. Every year several thousand applications are received by the University for Admission under various courses, the maximum of which is test courses. The students have queried a lot about the Cut-off for AMU Entrance Examinations.

It has always been a dilemma for the students that how much should they attempt in order to gain admission into the University’s elite courses. This confusion is most in the case of Test Courses as the competition is very high and unpredicted every year. The major courses that are most sought for are S.S.S.C (Class 11), M.B.B.S/B.D.S, B.Tech/B. Arch, C.E.T (Professional Courses) and the Departmental Graduation Courses.

Cut-off for AMU Entrance Examinations:

Last year cut-off for AMU Entrance is the most asked question regarding Admissions in AMU, and the fact is that generally, students do not get an appropriate answer to it. In this post, we have tried to solve this problem in a true way to the best of our knowledge.

The first thing that all the aspirants must be aware of is that AMU never officially releases the cut-off for any of its Entrance Examinations, whatever we see on sites, hear from people is always a guess and not the exact. Since no data is ever revealed by AMU regarding its Admissions, the students must not completely rely on the Cut-off data that they find somewhere.

Secondly, the cut-off for any specific year primarily depends upon the following factors in that specific Academic year:

  • No. of Applicants in that year
  • Background of Applicants (the ration  of various education boards)
  • No. of Internal Applicants
  • Efficiency & Intellect of the students in that year’s crowd (varies slightly, not much)
  • The Question Paper of that year (the major role for cut-off)
  • and several other factors……
So, if we say that cut-off can be static for consecutive years, that would be wrong in this aspect.
For the convenience of students, we have calculated the mean (average) of cutoffs in different years as per the data from the various students those cleared the Entrances. The cut-offs are mentioned below, but we strongly recommend the candidates that they should only take an idea from it and not rely completely since it keeps on changing. A usual plus-minus-5% change is obvious.

Cut-off for AMU S.S.S.C Class 11 Entrance Exam

The Cut-Off for Aligarh Muslim University’s Class 11 Entrance Examination ranges from 60-70 % of the Maximum Marks of the Examination. It must also be noted that candidates opting to go for 90%+ are more likely to lose chances of Admission because of Negative Markings. Major Role is played by the General Knowledge part as the questions are quite unexpected (few) every year.

Cut-off for AMU MBBS BDS Entrance Exam

The Cut-off for MBBS BDS [Medical Entrance] usually falls somewhere between 70-78% Marks. Major player subjects are Biology & Chemistry (scoring) and Physics (problematic for medical stream students).

Cut-off for AMU B.Tech Entrance Exam

In this case, the cut-off ranges from 68-72% mark as per our data. Candidates should concentrate on accuracy & time. Mathematics is the game player.
Cut-offs for B.Sc, B.A, B.Com are not available as these were merit courses earlier and the test have been introduced from this year onwards. So there is no past data available.

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Best Books for AMU Entrance Test Preparation

Hope it helps you all, in case of any query feel free to comment below.

Source: Mohammad Shadaan Husain
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