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Stop Being Busy, Start Being Productive


Our culture has normalized the idea of being busy and has become an obsession. But it is not a golden badge as we think. Many people think that being busy is a good thing, and walking around the whole day and doing small works can make you busy but not productive. Let’s discuss how to Stop Being Busy, Start Being Productive in this post.

So, being busy and being productive are two different things. You are busy when you have a lot of things on your to-do list. But you are productive only when you are doing things mentioned in your to-do list. 

What is the Basic Difference between Being Busy and Being Productive?

Some of us may feel that there are not enough hours in a day, and we are constantly rushed and try to keep our heads above the water. People who are always busy may appear to be accomplishing a lot in their lives. But are they that productive?

The fact of this matter is being busy is not equal to being productive every time.


Just because someone is constantly performing tasks doesn’t mean that they are achieving significant goals.

Busy people have many goals, but productive people have their priorities assigned. Multitasking may seem like a valuable skill, but if you try to read five books at once, you won’t be able to retain any of the knowledge. 

Trying to reach so many goals at the same time is slower than completing a single work at a time. One more clear difference between busy people and productive people is that busy people can say yes to everything coming in their way. Whereas productive people take their time, ponder over the issues and then decide the reply.

How does being too busy affect your daily life?

1.    You Start Forgetting Things

Being busy decreases your productivity, and it starts as you start forgetting things and plans and misplace your essential pieces of stuff. Being busy sometimes make you lose track of time because of too many things juggling around you. And you can be late for any meetings or important schedule.

2.    Increases Stress Level

When you have a lot of things happening around you, and you don’t find any productivity coming out of it, you get stressed. And stress is the root cause of all physical, mental and emotional issues. Having too many things to do not only increases your stress level but also cause frustration and anger. You will start having sleep problems, including insomnia


3.    Impact Mental Health

Today when everyone is talking about mental health, it is important to notice that how your hectic schedule is harming it. Being overly busy and exhausted may lead to or decrease in self-esteem. This may trigger more serious mental illnesses like anxiety disorders, depression, and substance use disorder. And when you are unable to finish any task, you may end up feeling guilty, or as you have let yourself down. It will also lead you to question n your self-worth.

4.    Impact Physical Health

Being too much busy not only destroy your mental health but also drains you out physically. You may end up making quick decisions about your health which can cause a reverse effect. Also, you start suffering from insomnia, muscle pain, restlessness, muscle pain, fatigue, headache and many more health issues when you don’t give proper rest to your body. 

5.    Impact Your Relationships

When you are too busy, you stop giving time to your close people. And from their complications in a relationship starts. The busier you are, the more your relationships will suffer. Giving time and attention is required in any healthy relationship. But when you are too busy, you are not only depriving your loved ones of time and attention but also your emotional availability. Your work takes away all your time and energy, leaving your relations damaged. 


Now, everyone has their idea of what being too busy means to them. But whenever you feel overly exhausted or overworked, you need to prioritize your health and wellness. 

Although it is very difficult to get rid of the notion of being busy, doing so may increase your productivity improve your health ad your relationship with your loved ones.


What do you think about it? Feel free to share your suggestions and ideas with us. Also, if you want us to write about something you want, let us know in the comment section given below.

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