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Woah-men these days!

Picking up garbage, sweeping floors, typing out speeches, illustrating comic books, writing stories, wrestling professionally, fighting wars, making videos, reporting on current events, rocking out on a stage, horse riding, ballet dancing, baking cakes, conducting research on radioactivity, flying planes, flying to the moon, running a business, ruling a country, making a home, giving birth, starting movements….Man! I feel like a woman! and that feeling makes me proud every day. What hasn’t my gender achieved and what haven’t I been able to overcome? And all of it has been in a day’s work.Do I need one day to celebrate myself? The fact is I really don’t, but I am going to own the day either way and showcase my best (and perhaps my worst).

Infact I recall as of late there was some talk about diamonds and the teacher asked what number of from us women would like a diamond to be given as a present and what number of us want to get it ourselves, in a reflex I lifted my hand to buy it by myself without anyone else and out of nowhere my friend turn towards me mockingly and said ‘ ha! so your feminism is arose now’ and I stay there confounded that most importantly how can it be that diamonds are women’s best friend and besides why feminism is simply the explanation I need to purchase something myself? when infact I was playing logic that what if someday I no longer want that person in my life anymore who got me such a valuable present and the entirety of the abrupt I need to return them all of what they have gotten me. I cannot do such injustice with myself. And it isn’t care for I generally act a ‘wannabe’ feminist who don’t grin when the alpha colleagues show their manliness, who consistently convey a bitch face (unintentionally), who wear his brother’s shirts and watch, who might sit alone however never with cool dudes…rather I do serve my father before I eat, I ask that my sibling accompany me when I go out once its dark, I do show softness regardless of whether I am burning inside with rage.
I am a feminist and I don’t believe in Women’s Day. It is most understandable to have an outrageous response to this statement, owing to social conditioning and the command feminist narrative in the current scenario. They society is either skewed towards patriarchy or pseudo- feminism and fails to operate on a neutral ground. And either ways it creates a sort of division between genders. And while I write this article I see faces in my head having that cheeky derisive smirk of ‘Oh look! I told you she is such a wannabe’ but the fact that they cannot realize an Instagram post has nothing to do with the reality, makes me sad.
By the way don’t feel that I don’t regard your efforts to praise women on this one day uniquely, infact I might want to thank you for all your criticism that make us difficult and shine like anything.

Iffat Rais

silly feminine voice

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  • Read the article, found it very relatable at many levels. Kudos to the writer to write such complex things with so much of ease...

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