3 Benefits of taking breaks at work


Work can become too overwhelming and stressful at times that’s why taking breaks at work comes up under priority. When a deadline is approaching, or a challenging task is causing a lot of pressure, it is natural to end up working to the point of exhaustion. In such times, people may start skipping breaks to make most of their time. But this is a huge mistake as breaks are essential to balance your state of mind and reduce stress. Research has found that the attention of the human brain decreases after prolonged focus on a single task. Brief breaks while working will help you focus on your task for a more extended time. 

Here are some reasons to convince you to take constant breaks while working:

Helps Process Information 

Our brains have two modes of functioning: focused and diffused. When our brain is in diffused mode, it is relaxed and in a daydreaming type of state. Studies have actually proven that we solve the most challenging problems when in this state. For instance, think about how often you had wrestled with a problem only to find the solution when you were lying around thinking about something unrelated? So, next time you have a problem you are unable to solve, take a break and let your brain wander aimlessly. 

Improves Creativity  

If you don’t take breaks while working, your ability to be creative could be negatively affected. Working continuously for too long exhausts the brain, and you cannot make the connections that your brain would have comfortably made if it had been well-rested. Your brain is like any other machine, and it cannot work without time to rest and recharge. Think of athletes who are able to perform amazing feats with their bodies. Do they not rest their bodies before and after an event so that it is in perfect shape? It is essential to take a break so that you are once again energized for the next task. 

Taking breaks at work can help in reducing stress and improving creativity
Taking breaks at work can help in reducing stress and improving creativity

Our brains need to be in a relaxed state to be creative. Perhaps in exhaustion, we might still be able to do analytical work that doesn’t require creativity. But if we need original ideas and innovation, our minds should be well-rested. Hence, it is crucial for companies to let their employees for taking breaks at work so that they can be even more productive and efficient. It also helps elevate the mood and boost the workers’ morale.

Cultivates Healthier Habits 

Stress can eat into your daily life and mess up healthy habits like eating nutritious meals, getting a good of sleep and exercising. Breaks can help maintain these healthy habits so that we stay mentally and physically fit. You could work in the gym in the office during a break or eat a healthy snack. You could even go for a short walk around the block or squeeze in a nap if you could not get proper rest the previous night. If you work nonstop, the stress and exhaustion will get you and job burnout. Unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking and eating junk food, sneak into your life when you are overworking and overstressed. This is why it’s so important for taking breaks at work and cultivate healthy habits. Eating healthy and doing some cardio during your breaks would do wonders for your physical and mental health. 

With the help of picking good habits, you can reduce stress at work

People are often so stressed at work that they start skipping breaks. It is essential to realize that breaks are necessary and will help improve the productivity of the office. Which of these benefits do you wholeheartedly agree with? Let us know by writing in the comment section below.

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