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As ‘strategists’, INTJ is the third-rarest personality type involved in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). 

INTJs tend to be introverted and perform better in a peaceful atmosphere. Possessing excellent listening skills, they prefer theoretical and conceptual notions over facts. INTJs often enjoy delving deeper into facts and possibilities and tend to speculate about the future. They have a habit of ‘reading between the lines’ and try to work out what different elements signify. 

What are INTJ people’s attributes?

Their four key traits – Introverted (I), Intuitive (N), Thinking (T), and Judging (J)

They blend rationality and creativity, and they prefer scouring the details of their everyday lives. They have a non-stop exploration of everything that is happening around them. 


INTJs strive to become better and more competent in what they are pursuing when it comes to their professional lives. They are realistic, rational and have great problem-solving abilities. 

So, they pursue career paths that are suitable for their characteristics. The most common career choices preferred by INTJ people are – 

1. Lawyer 

intj - lawyer

INTJs can discern and collect a large proportion of information. Their highly ambitious, creative, and realistic disposition makes them an excellent fit for this occupation.

 Moreover, problem-solving is another prerequisite of being a lawyer. And in fact, it is one of the real talents present in an INTJ.  

2. Architect

intj - architect

This vocation mandates two fields of study– science and arts. INTJs are logical thinkers backed with creativity. As a result, this domain is wonderful for INTJs. They are responsible, organized, and disciplined, and all of these aptitudes further help them in this career path. 

Working to formulate and assemble a product that fulfills the various requirements of a customer allures greatly to the INTJs. Further, they love having full power over the project right from the beginning. 


3. Detective 

intj - detective

Detectives piece together numerous leads to interpret the cases. They examine, explore, and report evidence and clues– all of which are the major strengths of the INTJ personality type. 

This is a great career for INTJ as they retain a persistent nature and problem-solving skills and do not give up until they have reached a decision. Their skill of analyzing everything, small and big, makes them the right fit for this job. 

Besides, this career is far from monotonous. So, INTJs with a penchant for adventure and intriguing jobs can definitely go for this career.

4. Content Writer 

intj - content writer

INTJs are fascinated by knowledge, and they have a passion for learning everything. Often working as freelancers and according to their own schedule, content writers create well-researched and detailed content within the deadline assigned. INTJs are creative and disciplined as well, so this job is another great career choice for INTJs. Also, content writing is a wonderful area for introverts and it presents them with both teamwork and independent projects. 

The duty of a content writer includes outstanding writing skills free from grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. They can cover various subjects surrounding technology, science, business, environment, health and care, etc., across a range of platforms. 


5. Civil Engineer 

intj - civil engineer

As the ‘strategists’ themselves– civil engineering is one of the best vocations for this personality type. 

It is the perfect job for inventive and logical individuals as problem-solving ability and conception are the two prerequisites of being a civil engineer, and both of them are present in INTJs. Civil Engineers develop a wide range of critical infrastructure– they often organize and enforce programs and simulations utilizing computer software. Precision is paramount in this vocation and INTJs have an innate tendency to focus on the details.

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