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We all experience stress in our day-to-day lives, many times anxiety too. It is a part of human nature, and it is nothing out of the ordinary. However, we need to treat persistent stress that impacts our lifestyle.

With the Coronavirus pandemic lingering for almost one and a half years and its subsequent repercussions not only on our health but on our learning process, jobs and expense–it becomes overwhelming to curb our stress in such dire crises.

In today’s world, it is easy to comprehend the symptoms of chronic stress-  fatigue, sleeplessness or excessive sleep, low moods, heavy head, and upset stomach. 

A study conducted in India claimed that nearly 74 percent of Indians suffer from depression and 88 percent from anxiety. Another study showed that out of the 89 percent of the Indians who suffer from stress issues, 75 percent are not comfortable talking about it. 


The lockdown imposed worldwide to curb the pandemic worsened the situation. People are worried about their colleges, schools, jobs, businesses more than ever before, and in such a scenario, it is significant to look for ways to reduce your stress. 

So, here are the 5 ways to curb stress:

1. Do some exercise – control your laziness! 

A contrasting fact undoubtedly, but putting physical stress on your body actually helps in relieving cognitive stress. 

Way To Relieve Your Stress & Anxiety - Exercise

The benefits are more when you do it daily at a fixed time. Working out daily is also an excellent way to curb Anxiety. Exercises like running, jogging, and running involving repetition of the movements of muscles are beneficial. 

The body’s stress hormones called ‘cortisol’ are reduced when you work out, and the physical stress discharge endorphins effectively boost your mood. 


2. Listening to music

Blasting music that irritates you is unlikely to soothe stress, but calming music helps you relax your mind when you are overwhelmed.

Relaxing music has a favorable effect on both our body and mind– further; it helps to lower your blood pressure.  

Way To Relieve Your Stress & Anxiety - Music

Researchers found that music releases the feel-good chemical or dopamine and its level surges up to 9 percent while listening to music that people enjoy.

Make your playlist with all the songs that help you relax when stressed and use it in times of need. 

3. Talk to the people you are comfortable with or even yourself

Sharing what you are worried about is a great way to relieve your stress. A comforting voice consoling you even for some time goes a long way in changing your perspective.  

Way To Relieve Your Stress & Anxiety - Talking

Sometimes situations are such that it becomes difficult to talk to other people. In that case, try talking to yourself calmly- it might sound absurd, but tell yourself why you are worried and find out solutions to reduce your worries. Writing your thoughts in a diary is another method that is encouraged to reduce stress. 

 4. Laughter – another medicine

They say it right that laughter is the best medicine!

When you laugh, your body discharges endorphins that improve your mood and curtail both cortisol and adrenaline. Moreover, it also boosts your immune system. 

Way To Relieve Your Stress & Anxiety - Laughter

Try watching a movie or web series that never fails to make you laugh! Hanging out with friends who cheer you up is yet another way. Apart from it, doing activities that you enjoy like reading, painting, walking, cooking, etc., is also beneficial in lessening your stress level. 

5. Sleep better; like a baby

Stress and sleep are connected. Stress can adversely influence our sleeping pattern, while inadequate sleep is a significant source of heightened stress. 


This bitter cycle affects both our body and brain.  

Way To Relieve Your Stress & Anxiety - Sleep better like a baby

Make sure to get seven to eight hours of sleep to keep your physical and mental health well.

Further, mental health experts can provide you with the proper guidance, and friends and family can give you the extra support you might need to fight your stressed mind. Always feel free to reach out in times of need.

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