5 Great Online Work From Home Jobs You Can Take On


After the COVID-19 Pandemic, work from home jobs is becoming popular and emerging to serve lucrative and productive employment to individuals online successfully. 

In July 2020, a study exhibited that more than 12.2 crore Indians lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic. A year later, countless people joined the list. 

Earlier, there were only a few online jobs available, but nowadays, they are increasing quickly. Even before people were shut in their homes due to the pandemic, numerous people were already working and earning money online. 

Individuals have established their professional lives with these home-based jobs. With a precise direction backed with favorable skills, it is not difficult to discover a job online. You can easily get a job without any investment– at least monetary. In these challenging times, it is advantageous to work without any significant investment. 


There are various home-based jobs available in different fields. We have listed for you 5 distinct vocations available online that you can try out! 

1. Affiliate Marketing 

Social media platforms have become one of the major income grosser for many companies. With social media users increasing daily, brands are looking for various new opportunities to promote their products on these websites.

Work from home - Affiliate-Marketing

In Affiliate Marketing, an individual acts as an intermediate between the merchant and the consumers. You need a social media platform to promote the company’s merchandise, and the more customers purchase it with your affiliated link, the better will be your salary. 

2. Data Entry 

Data Entry is another job that is readily available in the online market, but most people do not take it because they deem it to be boring and monotonous. The lack of interest of people creates more availability of jobs in this field. 

Work from home - data-entry

For students who do not acquire the capital to invest, data entry is an excellent opportunity to earn money. If you outshine in Excel and other Microsoft tools assembling data for corporations comes to be an incredibly simple and manageable duty. 

3. Content Writer 

Content writing is one of the most sought-after jobs but also has the most significant number of candidates online. There are thousands of people with efficient skills and abilities to work as content writers. So, if you wish to work in this field as well, you will need to have patience. 

Work from home - content-writer

If you believe you can do well in content writing, sign up online on websites that provide projects and assignments daily. There are numerous platforms available online that will provide you with content writing jobs. Do your research about these fora so that you are not underpaid in any way. The broad range of topics covered in content writing enables various people to work in this area. 

4. Survey Jobs

Generally, surveys are conducted by businesses to acquire feedback from customers about their products and services. Companies seek to know whether or not the customers chose their products. 

Hence, they require people to share their viewpoints with them. These firms outsource their task to numerous third parties, giving you survey tasks where you are expected to fill a form comprising simple polls.

Work from home - survey-jobs

Every form has several questionnaires in them that can be filled within 5-20 minutes, relying upon the number and type of questions. And again, do a thorough analysis and background inspection of each website before engaging in this job. 

5. Freelancers 

Online home-based jobs bound you to only one type of work. You have to achieve mastery in any of the fields available online. So, you cannot take up more than one vocation at a time. However, freelancing jobs are distinct from these. If you work as a freelancer, you can choose more than one vocation. 

Work from home - freelancers

India is the second-largest country in terms of the expansion of the freelance market. The country has more than 15 million freelancers at the moment! 

Jack of all trades, master of none– Freelancers do various jobs like editing, content writing, graphic designing, web developing, ghostwriting, article writing, video editing, etc.

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