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The genius of the French language descended from its single Latin stock has triumphed most in the contrary direction – in simplicity, in unity, in clarity, and in restraint. ~ Lytton Strachey

Being the fifth most spoken language of the world, the French language can significantly enhance an individual’s career. It is not very tough to learn and can be mastered with constant practice and dedication. With millions of apps, YouTube channels, and websites as the options to learn it, it would not be wrong to say that learning a new language has become quite easy and accessible to everyone. When a person learns a language, he/she also learns about people who are associated with it, their culture, beliefs, and practices.


Listed below are some of the domains in which one could have a job after learning French.

1. Dream big, because MNCs are the opportunity for you

With the setup of MNCs in different countries, they aim to increase their businesses’ scope and look for multilingual individuals to help in conversations and meetings. French learners can work in such companies at different posts.

2. Content creation in French

Being an expert at any language proves to be very advantageous. A person with a mastery of the French language can easily grasp a job as a content writer or even a proofreader in different publishing agencies. One can also be a book analyst for books in French.


3. French translation and transcription

A multilingual person can easily grab translating jobs which may include translations such as – from text to text, text to audio, and audio to audio. Such jobs pay quite well whilst also helping individuals in enhancing their knowledge through research and experience.

4. Tourism and allied sectors

A lot of French speakers come to explore the beauty of India every year. They prefer having someone who can guide them in their language. French learners can become these guides and translators. These jobs have additional benefits as they also let an individual journey to different destinations.

5. French teacher/lecturer

After being trained in the French language, individuals may themselves become teachers or lecturers at schools or colleges. One can also start their language training center and be their own boss.

6. Working with big NGOs

NGOs are now working at the big front from destinations that range from local to international. This is the reason they prefer people who know different languages as they can help in effective communication between people.

To sum up what has been stated so far, learning different languages is a skill which most businesses and companies prefer having in their employees. French is one such language that can be an individuals’ hidden weapon in securing job placements and being one step ahead of others who compete.


As Frank Smith rightly said, “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages and open every door along the way”. Go grab your materials and start learning French now.

Au revoir prends soin de toi.

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