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Instagram has become a new platform for selling your products. That is why Instagram marketing strategies are so important for up and coming small businesses. So that they can shine through the crowd of ads by big organisations. Instagram plays a massive role in everyone’s life. As the photo-sharing platform continues to grow, now you can use Instagram as a place for sharing photos and getting new customers through different aspects. 

Instagram has become a marketing frontier for small businesses that can bring in many new customers of every age group in recent times. Users love it for its strong visual focus, upbeat vibes, and expressive gestures. There is no doubt that Instagram has aptly indicated the immense marketing potential and the vast possibilities that lodge ahead for small businesses.

Why is Instagram suitable for small businesses?

Today, 71% of businesses use Instagram as a marketing platform, whether big or small. Every brand is working hard to enterprise their work more impactful on Instagram presence to attract the target audience. From Nike and Puma to the foot traffic to your brick and mortar store, Social media traffic on Instagram is essential. Earlier it is a matter of choice, but it is a necessity! A robust Instagram marketing strategy gives wings to your brand strengthening efforts and a cohesive brand image of your business on the social media platform. Instagram marketing is more visual-based than text-based like other social platforms. Many businesses sign up on Instagram to promote their business with a plan to succeed in online marketing. 

Six significant Instagram marketing strategies can help you to grow your small business –

1. Use a business account.

Use a Instagram business account


When joining Instagram, select a business account that allows you to view analytics and make it easier for followers to contact you. Starting with a business account is a crucial step towards establishing your brand presence on social media, which allows you to strategize and implement many of our Instagram marketing tips for small businesses. 

2. Be original.

Provide Instagram original content

Nobody can resist the lure of original content with interactive captions on every post. There must be thousands of similar posts to yours, making sure you have a unique angle or perspective that helps you stand out from the rest, and your followers will appreciate it. With unlimited Instagram followers, it’s easier for people to find a particular audience they like. Still, if you want your post to be noticed, you need to step out of the crowd and create something memorable and connecting to them. 


3. Post consistently and regularly.

Post consistently and regularly on Instagram

As mentioned earlier, people spend most of their time on Instagram for different purposes. The Instagram algorithm works only when you post about your brand and small business regularly with engaging content. This is an opportunity to showcase your brand’s personality and connect with followers personally, so avoid posting irrelevant content. Many brands use Instagram stories to engage with their audience by creating short clips or reels, question/answer, and polling. This is an easy way for followers to consume and react as an extension of the account. This is something worth trying out for small-scale businesses. 

4. Build an attractive Instagram feed.

Build an attractive Instagram feed

Maintaining an attractive feed on Instagram; will be the first image for new followers to see engagement in your content. As Instagram is now an algorithm-based feed, it doesn’t follow the chronological order of posts. This is a massive change for those who used it primarily only as a content curation tool. But suddenly found they had zero visibility when their posts were not directly engaging or being liked. So try to work on the initial feed-in stages. Try to adjust your posting times and frequency to find out which time slots are best for you for posting a variety of content. 


Another crucial thing that needs to be taken into account is posting content for your followers. Try to be present online when you post your content because when people comment or like, you must be present there to respond. It also matters where you live and how you shipped your products to the consumers for a small business, so try to clear all your requirements before starting any professional work. It would be easy for the customer to connect with you for your products or services. 

5. Use hashtags wisely.

Use Instagram hashtags wisely

After regular posting with engagement to your audience, another crucial step is adding a caption and using hashtags wisely. Because people searching through hashtags for similar products and services, your content must be in Instagram’s recent posts, which gives you more connectivity and customers. It’s a good idea to search for your specific hashtag and see what happens when you include it in your posts. People use particular hashtags all of the time, while others perform better when they are used occasionally. You can use numerous apps for hashtags for better results. 

6. Go beyond Instagram.

Go beyond Instagram


Instagram allows you to get connected with different platforms with one click. You need to have a well-maintained Facebook account and LinkedIn profile to create a sense of trust among your followers and audience. If possible, try to make a website related to your small business, which helps followers see your products and services more efficiently. You can also advertise your business with the help of advertising tools on various platforms. It will help to grow your business in every possible way. 

Instagram is a part of our lives; people earn a good amount with the correct implementation of strategic skills and content consistency. So apply to grow your business productively.  

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