6 Productivity Tips To Get More Work Done


The modern world exclusively revolves around the not so radical idea of productivity and success. For the most part, these two metrics go hand in hand to gauge how well an individual or organization is doing. As a worker, you are exclusively graded and ranked according to your productivity in any workplace. Hence, it is imperative that you make a conscious effort to improve yourself so as not to be pushed down the pecking order. 

Being productive at your workplace is no small task, as it involves building and rebuilding a system, making time and performance-oriented changes and trying to make it work with the unpredictability of a regular workplace. In the end, the most common occurrence is that you start your work with set goals and a proper schedule, but at the end of the day, you may feel like the list keeps getting longer and more tedious.

6 Productivity Tips To Get More Work Done

This is where it is essential to know where to start. We have surveyed and researched some of the most effective tips for you to be more productive at work from former professionals and experienced career coaches who have excelled at time management and helping countless others achieve their goals.

Let us look at some of these productivity tips which you can successfully and easily integrate into your routine or work to stand out from the crowd and offer more for your employer or customer in terms of productivity –

1. The two-minute rule.

We find that time in the workplace is a construct that behaves relatively strangely, sometimes offering you an abundance of free time or other times bogging you down with work. There are windows in between tasks or meetings at work that usually exist for you to wind down but offer no real respite.

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The two-minute rule proposes that you fill this time with small and easy tasks around the workplace. The key to following this is finding and immediately completing tasks that require two minutes or less, thus effectively helping you get these tasks done quickly and without fuss. You can also try to start tasks keeping this two-minute time frame in mind as it is a great way to form habits.

2. Get the biggest tasks done as soon as you are up for it.

We tend to categorize tasks according to their intensity and overall difficulty, often sidelining some tedious tasks constantly, which may become a problem when we do not have any energy for them. This is the primary reason you tend to overshoot our deadlines and incur the wrath of your manager or supervisor. Knowing when you work best cannot be scheduled as some days, you may feel up for it, and you just have to go the extra mile on that day or maybe a week to get this difficult task done efficiently and correctly. 

3. Know when to take breaks.

The corporate working world has constantly drilled the idea that more work hours equals more productivity. But this is far away from the truth as constant working hours, and daily tasks tend to cause burnout.

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Thus it is essential to take regular breaks, which will help you raise concentration, improve your mood and work ethic. You can take simple 5-minute intervals and walk around the office or get a hot beverage to help you wind down.

4. Eating healthy foods frequently during the day.

Proper nutrition is a vital part of a healthy lifestyle and, by extension, a productive work life. You must always keep your energy level high and your brain working by snacking on some nutrient-rich food at regular intervals. This, however, does not mean you can have a burger in between meals. Conversely, you should try to add healthy and sustainable foods such as fruits, nuts, or energy bars to keep your brain functioning at a high rate.


5. The 2-hour solution.

Planning is central to increase productivity no matter what field you are in. Along these lines, author Roger Seip has proposed the 2-hour solution that is well worth looking into as it offers a way to plan and work accordingly.

This method involves taking two hours each week to mentally recreate and envision the next week of your life or job, and this method helps refocus your goals, reconnect with tasks and overall helping you plan and act stress-free. However, this is different from scheduling as it involves less physical preparation and is more inclined towards preparing you mentally. 

6. Learn to delegate.

One of the best parts about climbing the corporate ladder is delegating some part of your work to associates or employees under you. You must, however, know when to delegate effectively and how to use this to your advantage.

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Tasks like data entry, scheduling, and formatting eat away at your precious time, and it always helps to use your associates or other resources to do this to give yourself more time to focus on the bigger picture.

From the tips we have looked at, it is clear that we do not need to work harder but smarter in order to be more productive and be an asset to the company. Applying these tips will undoubtedly help you do more within a limited time frame and, essentially, drive you towards the pinnacle of success.


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