7 Rules For Using A Cell Phone At Work


We love the convenience of our cell phones, don’t we? Your family and friends can connect with you anytime they want, no matter where you are, even at work. Nowadays, we are habitual to be in touch with the people who cared for us during the day. And at the same time, it is a big distraction during work which can annoy your coworkers, seniors, or boss. 

There are basic etiquettes for the workplace to use cell phones – 

1. Put your phone away.

In the first place, try to put your cell phones away from your desk, which helps you concentrate on work. Using excessive cell phones can be harmful from a career perspective. It is an excellent impression to limit or mark your ways. Even though you can inspire other employees, you can check once in a while if you missed any emergency call or text. 

2. Turn off your ringer. 

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It is essential to put your phone on vibration or silent mode. It will create disturbance for another employee as well when your phone rings with a ringtone or song. And when your phone is on vibration or silent, you can reply to the text or call without letting others knowledge. Most importantly, your coworker won’t be bothered, and even your boss won’t be able to know you are getting calls or texts. 

3. Use your cell phones for important calls only. 

It is essential to keep your cell when in the office. And if urgent, try to make only emergency calls or texts when you get time. This doesn’t mean you start watching any movie or chit-chatting with your friends. A family emergency can be expectable in a work environment, but chit-chatting can put you in trouble. 


4. Let voicemails talk your calls.

Instead of answering phone calls immediately, set up your phone settings in which your voicemails can take messages on your behalf, and in the break or off-time, you can revert them with a productive reply. 

5. Find a private place to answer calls. 

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It is essential to find a private place to answer calls in the work environment, whether personal or professional. It will disturb another coworker who has a table near your desk, and they might get offended by regular calls. The most sensible suggestion is to wait for the break or sign off time to reply or call back. 

6. Don’t bring cell phones into the restroom. 

Talking in the restroom is the most unethical in work culture and even unhygienic. People need to understand that if you are in any position or even at the highest level of the company, taking your cell phones into the restroom would not look good on your personality. And it is not about the work environment; talking phones to any restroom is rude to the person to whom you are talking over call and with the people around you. It also disrespects other people. 

7. Don’t look at your phone screen in the meeting unless. 

When you are in conference, make sure that your sell should be on silent or vibration mode. And if you see any emergency call or text is coming in the middle of a meeting, what you need to do is. First, you excuse everybody, walk out as soon as possible, and then attend the call or reply over text. And if you are still sitting in a meeting, try to avoid the screen as much as you can. If you keep checking your screen continuously, you are uninterested and not finding the meeting valuable. 

If you want to make a good impression on your coworker or senior, following work etiquette on office premises is essential. Because you never when you are getting noticed by others which can open better career opportunities.


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