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The video game industry is becoming more and more popular among teenagers and adults alike. But now, there are many jobs in the market for people who are passionate about the process. Let’s talk about following your passion! If you have played your favourite video game for a few hours and participated in a competition. Then the video game industry may be the career for you. Electronic games and computer games have become one of the largest areas in the entertainment industry. It is conceivable that the employment of video games is developing. Among thousands of people looking for jobs in their favourite sectors, their competition is also fierce.

This is a difficult journey, mainly because it is a bustling area. The most successful professional players come well prepared before entering this coveted niche market.

Here, you can read some tips to help you become a professional gamer or choose another career in the field.

1. Don’t ever call yourself a “Video Games Expert”

1. Don't ever call yourself a "video games expert" video games

According to Jennifer Schneiderright, game developer and co-founder of Nyamyam Game Studios, games are a constantly evolving field, so you will never run out of skills. Ken Fee, lecturer in game development at Abertay University, added that calling yourself an expert may sound like a beginner.

2. Start a Gaming Blog

Whether you are looking for a job related to writing games or running a gaming community, the best way to get started is… getting started.


When Jason Van Beveren realized that he really needed a job in games, he did a typical corporate job.

“I started blogging about online games. I want to get the attention of others. I also wanted to know if I am good at it. Parris Lilly noticed me in just a month. He asked me to run a gaming website he was co-managing.”

Just a few years later, Jason became the head of the game studio’s interaction with players. If you start now, where will you be in a few years?

3. Become a Streamer

In this case, you need two things: charm and extensive knowledge of different games. It is a profession more like that of an artist than a competitor.

If the audience likes you, you can even play a single-player game on a stream. However, there are currently 7.4 million streaming media, so you are just a novice.


The most important piece of advice is finding your niche and building a reputation as quickly as possible. Although charm may not be easy to develop, you may already know the game if you are shy. The secret is to use this experience to choose your niche market and find your audience.

4. Or maybe a Video Games’ Programmer

29 May 2021

When the designer puts forward the idea and concept of the game, it is the programmer who makes it possible.

These people combine art and software to run physics engines—programming languages ​​like C++ or C#. Suppose you want to improve and expand its functions. In that case, it is also essential to be familiar with popular game engines (such as Unity and Unreal Engine).

5. Test Video Games

At the end of the whole process, the game needs to be tested. Testers make a living by playing games (yes, there is such a job). The tester must first look for errors in the overall design and be responsible for correcting them. Any error that occurs during the process must be sent to production.

Advantages of choosing Gaming as a Career

Make money by doing what you like to do.

Game designers are part of the broader field of graphic designers. Based on the current professional field job prospects, location, work experience, and other US Bureau of Labor Statistics factors, long-term national job growth forecasts may not reflect local and/or short-term emergency economic or working conditions. They cannot guarantee actual employment growth. This should be enough to let you have a plush and enjoyable lifestyle, keep your game system updated and replenish the video game library with the latest games.


Create art.

In the past few years, the career of a video game designer has changed. Unlike the early days of Pac-Man, many video games today can compete with art movies. As Alex Pham pointed out in an article in the Los Angeles Times, “modern video game designers” invented characters, wrote dialogues, wrote music, created digital scenes, and wrote the software that powers these fantasy worlds.

Work in a Relaxed Atmosphere.

As you might have guessed by now, your career as a video game designer does not require many three-piece suits in your closet. Game designer Anthony Hart-Jones wrote in a blog on the Gamasutra website regarding enjoying “company-sponsored paintball and karting…even when you do something stupid (for example, falling off a ladder and breaking your leg), take paid sick leave”.

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