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Whether to be picky when applying for jobs depends mainly on the concerned candidates’ personal economic and social situation. In today’s financial condition, many people are applying for jobs that they are not genuinely interested in but would accept if they are hired.

Irrespective of the job you are applying your application process should always be free of discrepancies. However, it’s also essential to have some discretion in choosing the job you are applying for. This discretion is always recommended unless you are in an emergency, requiring an immediate source of income. Being selective, at least to a minimum extend, is always better for your future career prospects. Here we will address some of the questions related to being picky in selecting a job.

Applying For Jobs

Why should you be picky?

Time is priceless.

The application process is usually time-consuming. You will have to spend time framing the application and creating the resume. Job opportunities that are aligned with your career goals and interests could only satisfy you. So always try to select the jobs where you could contribute your maximum. Wasting your valuable time in jobs not oriented with your interests will only help to hamper your career prospects in your interested area.

– Being confident is essential.

As already said before, the application process is time-consuming and necessitates a minimum level of hard work since it includes researching, applying, and interview. Naturally, a rejection after all this would affect the confidence of the candidates. If the job you are applying for is not suitable for you, there is a high chance for this to happen. So it is much better to make quality applications only to the opportunities you seem fit and are genuinely interested in.


How should you be picky?

– Specificity is important.

You should know what you are going to do. Specificity should be about the nature of the job and the salary and other aspects. This would help ensure that you are interested in the job and will help you contribute maximum productively.

– Be practical.

You should be applying for the job in which there are chances for you to be selected. Also, you should be able to work properly there. The field of work is always preferable to be in affiliation with your education. A realistic approach would help you to have a clear vision of the path ahead to reach your career goals.

– Don’t lose patience.

There will be stretches of unemployment in your life. Being picky means, you are waiting for the best opportunity to come. Patience is essential here. ‘God only serves those who stand and wait’.

Other things to consider while being picky –

– Think about the compensation.

Apart from salary, there are other perks and benefits also awaiting you in a job. Think about them as well. This includes bonuses, raises, and commissions. Alongside these, the other benefits include Insurance, Vacations and Holidays, Retirement plans, etc.

– Life quality the job could offer.

The length of the workdays, including the details of overtime works, should be kept in mind. The location of the work should also be comfortable for you. These things would naturally influence your everyday life.


– Career growth.

The career opportunities the job could offer should be prioritized as a criterion. The promotion chances and the improvement in skills it could offer would help you be on the right career track.

Being picky doesn’t mean that you should wait for all your requirements to be met. Such ideal condition arises only rarely. The discretion with which you steer yourself ahead is more important. A far-sighted-sighted approach in choosing the job is more to be preferred.

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