LinkedIn: 9 Essential Tips To Be Effective


LinkedIn is a social networking site for the professional community. The aim is to allow registered members to establish themselves and network with people they know and trust professionally.

As of the most recent estimates, LinkedIn has 756 million members around the globe, making it the most convenient space for potential networking.

Here are some of the essential tips for the effective use of LinkedIn –

Make a complete profile.

Your profile makes a crucial part of your LinkedIn account. If the profile is public, people searching externally in various other search engines will also see the profile alongside LinkedIn users.

Make a complete profile

The profiles ranked as ‘complete’ have more visibility than the incomplete profiles. It is thus important to have the profile completed without any details left to add.


The profile photo should be professional.

Choose a picture that has an important part to play in making your profile attractive. The photo should be professional-looking rather than casual. The background, lighting, and clothes should be chosen carefully. A banner (or cover image) that makes a good impression of your personality and profession is a must.

Write an attractive summary.

2000 characters are the word limit for writing the summary you can tell about yourself, highlighting your professional capabilities. Educational details, work experience, and at least four skills should be included in the summary.

Write an attractive summary

Writing three to five little paragraphs is preferable with enough white space. Being specific about the skills is recommended. You can suggest your personality, in summary, to make it unique, but adding something unprofessional or controversial should be avoided entirely. Adding relevant keywords will help your profile benefit better. After completing the summary, proofread it thoroughly to prevent typos and other mistakes.

Make connections with other LinkedIn users.

This is an integral part of networking. By making a new connection, you are gaining access to other public connections of the person as well. Such second-degree connections pave the way for more chances in networking. The search ranking of your profile is directly proportional to the connections you make. So having a minimum of 50 first-degree connections is plausible. The connections should be professionally relevant for you. They could be of use only if they can lead us to opportunities and give us significant pieces of advice.

Make communications.

linkedin networking

The networks could be made and maintained only by communications with whom you have made connections. The conversations made should always be professional. Using the smart replies function, which generates contextual messages, always makes the conversations productive and fast.


Collect recommendations and endorsements.

Your employees, clients, and colleagues can give you recommendations. These are individual testimonials about your capabilities. Between 5 to 10 recommendations are generally advised. This will add to the status of your profile.

Even though endorsements are not as impactful as recommendations since they are just simple confirmation of your skills, They can make the profile more noticeable.

Creating interesting content.

Creating interesting content

Creating relevant content will keep the profile lively. Good writing skills should be developed for creating quality content. Videos are engaging. Using suitable filters and stickers would improve the quality of the uploaded video. Add captions alongside for the people who play it without audio.

Keep your professional manners on LinkedIn.

Avoid personal stuff and try always to be professional. A profile with a reputation on LinkedIn will positively influence your career growth. Avoid gossips and irrelevant conversations or communications while engaging with other professionals. Being honest about your skills and experiences is also essential.

LinkedIn profile address should always be added to your resumes.

LinkedIn profile address should always be added to your resumes

Future employers will be able to get easy access to your LinkedIn account quickly by this. This could help them to learn more about your educational qualifications and skills.


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