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The Healthcare system of India has seen a rapid surge in the past few years. The government contemplated that the healthcare sector will soon emerge as the biggest generator of jobs. It was deduced that the industry would propagate millions of employment opportunities by 2020. 

As of April 2020, 169,031 sub-centers opened, and several primary health centers (PHCs) upgraded to 33,987. The Government of India aims to improve public health spending to 2.5 percent of the nation’s GDP by 2025.

The Healthcare industry is one of the most sought-after career options available in our country. 

If you wish to establish your professional life in this field, are you aware of the various advantages that accompany it?

1. Job stability in Healthcare

According to a poll conducted by LinkedIn, nearly 40% of the Indian professionals voted that job and earning insecurity remain the two most significant factors contributing to their poor mental health. 


Many people live on the edge and accept longer hours of unfair work to keep their jobs safe. Careers in the healthcare industry propose the most concrete and secure job presently. Good mental health is a prerequisite to a healthy lifestyle. 

Further, the exploration in this industry demonstrates a progression in the healthcare sector that will lead to the expansion of services and keep a steady demand for jobs. 

2. Growth potential

The hospital industry in India predicts to expand to Rs. 8.6 trillion (US$ 132.84 billion) by FY22 from Rs. 4 trillion (US$ 61.79 billion) in FY17. 


The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has demonstrated that of the prime 20 fastest thriving career paths, eight of them are included in the healthcare industry. 

So, if you opt for studying and forging your career in this sector, you will attain personal and professional growth. 


3. Versatility in Healthcare jobs


You do not always need to be a connoisseur of medicine and health care to obtain a job in this field. There are various levels of job opportunities available with varying education qualifications mandated. This gives you a chance to get a job with a lower-level degree while offering yourself the possibility to work and study further to enhance your career. Additionally, it is not always essential to become a doctor or a nurse in this career option. You can be a nutritionist, dietician, speech-language pathologist, medical and health service manager, etc. 

4. You are making an impact

Like law enforcement, a career in the healthcare industry indicates that you are working for the people. It is a genuinely satisfying job. You will discover that treating and looking after patients will bring you a sense of contentment and dignity. Only a handful of other career options provide you with an opportunity to actually help people. The willingness to help others should be one of the guiding factors for you. All the jobs available in this sector are directly or indirectly connected to assisting people. 


However, like every career field, you will face specific difficulties and obstacles as well. 

5. An energizing atmosphere

The routine of an individual working in this sector is far from being monotonous. There is a minor possibility that you will face a repetitive and dull pattern in this field. 


Each day will bring you new opportunities to grow and learn in this field. You will get to work in a constantly changing atmosphere. This will help you to keep yourself motivated each day.


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