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We all have been there after the 10th standard when every parent suggested their kids go to science stream and later for engineering, right? And there are very few students who actually go for a career in engineering. There is always a myth that engineering is tough, and it is not for everybody, right? But with hard work and good effort, anyone can achieve success in this respective field. Almost everybody has a different orientation for engineering, so let’s clear the basics.

What Is Engineering?

Engineering is a scientific field and job that involves a scientific understanding of the natural world. It can use to invent, design, and build things to achieve desired goals. The resulting work of engineers is known as technology, and without technology, there will be no progress and development in the modern world. We are surrounded by the work of engineers practically in every moment of our lives.

What Is Engineering?

Engineering is a broad subject that splits into four different disciplines: Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, etc. The graduates are logical thinkers with excellent numerical and problem-solving skills.

It is very important to choose the right career according to your area of interest in engineering, you can go on with an Engineering degree.


– Civil Engineering

It prepares you for a career in the construction industry and the wider business, management sector, and financial sectors. Career formation in the civil sector is rewarding and challenging and can involve different features like designing, management, architecture, allowing you to express your creativity, explore innovative ideas, analytical knowledge for data and technology, and must a proper execution plan for health and safety measures. Civil engineering splits into two roles consultancy and contracting stages. It is very important to choose the right career in the civil sector.

– Chemical Engineering

For a CE graduate, many options are available for them in this respective field. The technical and transferable skills can lead your career in other sectors as well. Chemical and process engineers examine the raw material and processes that can turn into raw materials we use in our day-to-day lives. Good management skills are required to manage projects, budgets, and people. Another career path in chemical engineering is productprocess development scientist. Your knowledge can help any product in processing procedure or new developing process to increase the efficiency. 

– Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers develop solutions to help and improve the mechanical processes of any product. These engineers can enroll in human resources and manufacturing, and power. 

– Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers develop, design, and maintain electoral control systems and components through technical knowledge and commercial awareness. Commercial awareness plays an important role because electrical processes are tough and risky to the health and lives of people. 

Other Career Paths In Engineering – 

IT consultants work in a partnership with clients and guide them on how to use specific technology to meet their needs and objectives. Productive working experience with an effective interest in IT will increase chances to do better in respective fields. 


– Quality Manager

As a manager, you will be responsible for the company’s product and services and responsible for setting the company’s standard in the respective field. Good communication and soft skills are required to handle the clients.

– Technical Writers 

Technical Writers are required in many industries for writing product descriptions or instructions to the people in the respective industry. They work for an extensive assortment of industries, from finance to nuclear energy. Strong practical knowledge is needed in this field. Relevant experience is required for a solid theory that helps convey the instructions in more relevant information and language. 

Some Best Paths To Follow After Engineering – 

– Opt Higher Studies

After B.Tech, each student must try to go for M.Tech and get admission in M.Tech. The student needs to crack and score in GATE. GAM exam is the second option for students. 

– Public Service Undertaking

After engineering, you can choose to enter government-run PSUs and get an excellent payable job. PSUs must check your score in the GATE examination. There are multiple PSUs in the government, and each updates the required GATE score on their respective websites. 

– Civil Services

A career in civil services is a dream come true for all of us, but at the same time, the patience and hard work need to crack a UPSC exam is not an easy task. 


Building a career in any field required patience, hard work, and a positive attitude. Maybe on the first try, you will fall, but in the end, you will stand with more courage and energy for a better future. 

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