5 Best Blogging Niches To Make Money From


Has the pandemic left you high and dry with options to pursue a career in? Fortunately, thanks to the social media marketing and website boom that coincided with the pandemic, many career options have emerged that offer many lucrative opportunities to content creators, in particular, to take advantage of their skills. 

So the next question will be – What kind of blog do I choose?

Since your objective is to choose a niche that you are passionate about and make money off it, you need to be meticulous with your decision-making. This article is specially designed so you can make a calculated and educated decision and choose your niche at your own pace.

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Monetizing a blog is one of the best and most popular options which can help you make a career out of blogging. For this, however, it is essential that you choose a niche that appeals to a vast customer base.

Let us now look at some of the most popular and best blogging niches from which you can make money –

1. Food blogging.

Who doesn’t love food? This niche offers several benefits if you are a foodie who loves to experiment and travel, thus helping you make a career out of your passion. Food blogging has many facets which help you stay fresh and ahead in a field where innovation is a prerequisite.


You can branch out food blogging into several different sections and deal with cooking, exploring new cuisine or educating people about food. From a monetary standpoint, ways to make money from blogging include:

  • Running ads.
  • Forming partnerships with leading suppliers.
  • Offering a promotion to businesses.

You could also try to promote digital products like digital cookbooks or other food-related products.

2. Blogs for moms.

Among some of the quickest growing demographics in the world today, content for new moms and experienced ones always have an audience. This is a very popular niche. Its popularity is aided by moms’ very passionate audience who always look to learn new things and reinvent themselves. 

Targeting this section also offers plenty of variety you can use as moms are a very receptive audience that wants to do the best for their children. This offers a numerous variety of topics you can target, including –

  • Nutrition for kids and mothers.
  • Introducing them to new technology to make their lives easier.
  • Offering advice on how to juggle a career and a family.
  • Advice on homeschooling and tips to help with education for children.
  • Fashion for new mothers, pregnant mothers as well as their kids.

This is barely scratching the surface of what this niche offers, and for ways to monetize, you can offer clothes, e-books on child management, as well as other strategies that will help you make money.


3. Fitness blogging.

This niche includes all things fitness and self-improvement and is one of the most popular blogging subjects out there. People want to constantly improve themselves, look better and feel better about themselves and fitness blogging is something that everybody looks to. 

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The great thing about fitness blogging is that new content is always available, and your readers will constantly look to you for advice to improve themselves. There are plenty of different niches in fitness, including yoga, callisthenics, and weight training, that offers several opportunities to sell products. You can plug ads for gym equipment and protein powders.

4. Travel blogging.

The single most popular pastime in the world, do I even need to say anything more? Travel blogs are one of the most popular niches that offer an immense opportunity to earn while doing something you love.

In the state of the world now, people are stuck on their phones and other devices looking for a respite and travel blogs offer them the perfect opportunity to be digital nomads and digitally explore the possibilities that evade the current generation of travellers. 

Blogging about your travels can be effectively monetized through affiliate links to hotels in the area, stores selling travel goods and other destinations in the area. You can cover essential details such as flight or train ticket details, local food, and things to do there in your blog.


5. Fashion blogging.

One of the most transient fads going together may seem like a bad idea. Still, fashion blogging offers a very exciting opportunity if you are passionate enough and can keep up with the trends. Although it is significantly harder to get an audience and maintain it, the payout is huge and can go beyond a passive income. Getting established in the fashion scene is difficult as there is intense competition in the field. Still, if you can make it, ways to monetize include selling merchandise, forming affiliate stores and so on. 

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In this list, we have covered only some topics that you can tap into in order to start a blog and make passive income. You can use varied topics to garner clicks and views for your blog and generate income even while you sleep. The most important thing is to find any topic that you are passionate about and is popular enough to attract visitors, which will provide you with a revenue source.

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