5 Depressing Things that Might Be Holding Back your Career


We face many obstacles in the path while pursuing our careers. In this post, we will discuss 5 Depressing Things that Might Be Holding Back your Career. Most of these obstacles are external, such as difficult bosses or uncooperative colleagues. But sometimes, the obstacles can be internal as well. Internal, as in, coming from within us. These obstacles are even more challenging to deal with than the external ones.

Maybe it’s your shyness stopping you from asking your boss for that promotion you know you deserve. Perhaps it’s your laziness stopping you from fulfilling your potential. Whatever it is, it is vital to overcome such obstacles to progress in your career. 

5 Depressing Things that Might Be Holding Back your Career

Here are 5 Depressing Things that Might Be Holding Back your Career:

You are Passive at Work

Maybe you don’t seek out new responsibilities or opportunities at work. Many people are content with the responsibilities they are handed and never ask for more. This is a huge mistake as you will never be able to grow if you don’t try to increase your responsibilities at work.

A good boss can recognize talent and properly delegate roles according to the skill level of his employees. But not all bosses are good at their jobs, and if you don’t want to be overlooked at work, you will have to learn to speak up. Being ignored at work would have a disastrous effect on your career. 

Tendency to Procrastinate 

Procrastination is the most dangerous mental disease in the workplace. It can turn an enterprising and talented individual into a husk of his former self in a matter of months. If you start procrastinating, you will not be able to effectively perform your tasks in time.

This will lead to delay in work which the bosses will notice. Once they realize that you are not giving your hundred per cent, your chances of getting promoted will become dangerously low. The worst thing about procrastination is that it can waste away the potential and talent that you may possess. 

You Don’t Network

To get anywhere in your career, having a network is key. If you don’t socialize in the workplace, you will not be able to form your own network. This will cause you difficulties later as people who have a good network get access to better opportunities.

You will miss out on many good opportunities if you refuse to socialize and form a professional network. There are many social gatherings in the office where you can socialize and form your network. 

No Career Goals

If you don’t have specific career goals, you will end up getting stuck in your career. People often sabotage their careers by becoming too complacent. It is essential to be focused and active when it comes to work opportunities. If you don’t set any goals, you won’t have anything concrete to work towards. This is also among one of the 5 Depressing Things that Might Be Holding Back your Career.

Career goals help in keeping you motivated and focused. It is important always to be working towards something. Otherwise, we will end up stagnating. If you don’t have any career goals, make some! Don’t get stuck behind while your colleagues continue progressing. 

You Don’t Take Criticism Well

Talking about 5 Depressing Things that Might Be Holding Back your Career has a lot of things to do by your self judgement as well. Being able to accept constructive criticism is very important. If you always get defensive if someone criticizes your work, you won’t be able to make the necessary changes to improve. It is vital that you keep developing your skills if you want to keep progressing in the industry. 

Unfortunately, many talented and skilled individuals get held back in their careers due to such behaviours. It is important to recognize them and make the necessary changes. Which behaviour do you think has been holding you back in your career? Let us know by commenting below.

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