6 reasons Why should you take a gap year from work


These days the world is moving so fast, and everyone is in such a hurry to accomplish all their goals that barely anyone considers taking a gap year during their education anymore. But one must understand why should you take a gap year ? A gap year, be it between finishing your school and taking admission at a university or between your Bachelor’s and Master’s, can not only provide you with valuable experience but also a fresh new perspective on the choice of your career.

Many high school graduates are often unsure about the career they want to pursue, and a gap year can really help them figure that out while they get some real-life work experience. They can also take coaching or training in their preferred sector during this period.

Why Should You Take a Gap Year?

University graduates can take a gap year to get work experience which will be really useful for them when they apply for jobs. The work experience will also let them know if they want to continue in that field or pursue something else for their Master’s. 

Benefits of a Gap Year

A gap year will offer you the opportunity to learn new skills and gain valuable experiences. A productive gap year in your CV will impress many employers as they will see that you are productive and not afraid to take the initiative. They will be more likely to select you on observing that you have set goals for yourselves and managed to achieve them.

Why Should You Take a Gap Year?

Aside from job selection, a gap year during your studies can be used to add to your CV so that you will have a better chance at getting into a good University. Internships and voluntary social work really help build your CV and set you apart from other applicants.

The gap year will also help you decide which field in your area you would like to specialize in. 

How to Go About It

There is also a risk to taking a gap year. With no outside pressure, you might end up procrastinating and wasting away valuable months of your life. So to approach your gap year in the right manner, set out clear goals for yourself. Establish a strict schedule and follow it religiously.

If you have decided to get some work experience, research and jot down the places where you can apply. Draft your cover letter carefully and apply to all the places that you have narrowed down. 

If you want to go for some coaching or training, research the best institutes and join as soon as possible. You might need a source of income during your gap year, so look for a part-time job. 

Why Should You Take a Gap Year?

What Can You Do?

Here are some of the things that you can pursue during your gap year:

  1. Volunteering: Volunteer for a social cause that you are passionate about. This will help you while you apply for further education at universities. 
  2. Travel: Explore the world and experience different cultures. This will give you a much-needed perspective on life and what you want to do with yours. It will also help develop people skills as you interact with people from different walks of life. 
  3. Employment: Nothing is more valuable while applying for jobs than relevant work experience. A year of experience in your field when you apply for jobs will help set you apart from the other candidates. 
  4. Part-time Courses: This is a perfect way to learn new skills or polish your present skills. It will also add to your CV. 

Many people are too obsessed with following the strict timeline embedded in their heads. Instead, take a gap year to learn new skills and gain job experience. You will also get some valuable time to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life. 

So, are you interested in taking a gap year? Write to us in the comment section below and tell us what you would do if you took one.

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