7 Things that Make AMU LitFest more exciting


Unravel what makes AMU LitFest more than just a literary festival.

Literary Festivals are a hub for literature fanatics. The atmosphere that these festivals provide only deepens their fetish for literature. And literature is a multifaceted field that comprises of all the other fields. So basically, literary festivals are a bumper offer for a literature jock!

AMU LitFest is one such nucleus of everything related to literature. Dignitaries from all across India join it to impart their share of literary knowledge to the people. It’s where you teach and learn at the same time. Here are the reasons why there’s more to AMU LitFest.

  1. It’s more than just literature!

Politics, religion, art, cinema, and what-not are little fragments that intricately carve the face of literature. So you not just learn about the flowery angle of language, but also the other factors that make it versatile.

  1. One gets to learn about the culture of Aligarh Muslim University.

AMU LitFest is a creation of the students of AMU that carries the pride and essence of what it’s like to be an Alig. The visitors from outside get a glimpse of the Aligarh tradition and become a part of it.



  1. There’s a cultural evening dedicated to the audience.

Performing arts add to the beauty of LitFest. Music and art bring out the crowd from the ‘literary trance’ created by the literary ambience of LitFest.


  1. One sees the result of handiwork.

Solely organized and run by a team of only students, AMU LitFest is a self-sustaining event. From decoration of the venue to the hospitality of the guests, it’s all managed by the students.


  1. There are books, and then there’s food.

What makes a better combination than a book, snacks, and coffee? LitFest provides the perfect escape to la-la land for a book lover, all you need to do is find a comfortable seat!

  1. You socialize!

LitFest has a student body and attendees from different parts of the nation. It exposes one to various other cultures and gives a chance to make new and awesome friends!



  1. Insider or outsider, you enjoy!

LitFest provides internship to students, which opens up an opportunity for them to learn and explore. The visitors too get to traverse the venue of LitFest which has tour-worthy areas for everyone to relish.



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