Become An iOS Developer: Learn, Practice, Begin


Passion and ambition are crucial factors to build a career as an iOS developer. It will not be easy to work on any job without interest and well expertise.

Building an app is not easy work, especially if it is for the mobile environment. Mobile development is a challenging area of software engineering compared to regular computers; all resources are minimal. However, hand users expect apps to be very fancy and powerful. So it is indeed tough to become an iOS developer in the digital world.

We all know that iPhones and iPads arguably rule the mobile industry, and iOS is the operating system. Hence, being a master at iOS app developer can grant a bright future for you as they are high in demand, and companies welcome highly skilled iOS developers with open hands.

Demand for iOS developers is increasing

Become An iOS Developer_ Learn, Practice, Begin

The need for iOS app developers is increasing over time. The core of a developer career is developing a new iOS application, maintaining them with precise requirements, and adding new features into an app; an iOS app developer has a great career opportunity in this field. This career path in being an iOS developer is showing no signs of slowing down in the future. 


So, how to become an iOS developer?

It is very crucial to gather knowledge and essential expertise to build any career in current times. Especially becoming a developer in the high demanding sector is challenging at the same time. 

So let’s learn tips and tricks to become an iOS developer:

Learn the basics –

Start with the basics to learn the fundamentals of Objective-C & Swift programming languages because they are the primary programming languages to build iOS applications. Moreover, learn using the iOS application development tools like X code (integrated development environment).

iOS development cycle – 

Being a beginner, you might not know about the development lifecycle. Therefore, it is recommended that you be aware of the iOS app lifecycle, which will help you understand the application’s behaviour.

Training – 

Become An iOS Developer_ Learn, Practice, Begin

Get the required training to accomplish your goals. You can apply to courses that help you succeed as an iOS developer with good expertise and knowledge. 

Start developing apps – 

After training, start developing iOS applications from scratch. You can start with simple apps that are easy to create and then gradually develop complex iOS applications with good implications and better coding levels. 


Upload to GitHub – 

Uploading iOS applications to GitHub will showcase your work, and it will attract recruiters where many recruiters look into the GitHub profiles to hire developers. If you have a GitHub profile with an uploaded app can increase your chance of getting recruited by reputed companies. 

Publish – 

If you wish to earn money from your iOS app, publish it to the App Store. As of January 2021, Apple has paid developers for selling goods and services through the Apple App Store. 

Required skills for an iOS developer

Become An iOS Developer_ Learn, Practice, Begin

You need to learn in-depth knowledge of iOS (MacOS), iPhone SDK, Objective C, and COCOA Touch framework, along with hands-on experience working in the swift language and swift 4.0, core animation, and core location.

Requires an accurate knowledge of Apple’s design principles for iOS apps and interface guidelines with Auto Layout. Proper execution of offline storage, threading, and performance tuning required.

Must have proficient skills in code versioning tools like Git. Another essential skill is knowledge of object-oriented programming. The candidate must know the best resources to learn critical skills to develop an iOS application. 


Begin your journey as an iOS developer

To become an iOS developer, it is essential to have patience level as your hard work because Apple Company is ruling over the world. They require the best employee and developer to maintain the reputation of the brand and fulfil the requirements of its customers.

Become An iOS Developer_ Learn, Practice, Begin

Build your career from the first day, do contract-based work or internship under well-known developers to gain experience. Enhance your ideas and convert them into valuable projects to make your own space in the developer’s field.

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