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Zoology is the study of the various groups of animals found across the globe living in diverse ecosystems. It is a subject that intrigues millions of students but only a mere population is cognizant of what it’s as a profession.

I thought I would be an organic chemist. I went off to university, and when I couldn’t understand the chemistry lectures I decided that I would be a zoologist, because zoologists seemed like life-loving people. ~ Peter Carey

When asked – most people say that zoology as a profession would involve studying various types of animals. This notion needs to change and people need to expand their minds to the variety of jobs one can be expected to do if he/she is a zoologist.

A zoologist’s work is never confined to a single domain. There are various domains within this job which are listed below.

– Research 

Zoology Research

The term research itself is very vast and research in zoology may be on animal habitats, behavioral patterns, diversity, threats, and so on. Research may also be done on specific animal groups or species.


– Officers are needed everywhere 

As a zoologist, one can become an Animal Control Officer or even a Nature Conservation Officer. The works include studying and regulating animal threats in different areas to promote safety and harmony among the people and animals.


Marine habitats fascinate most people and researching about them can be a full-time job by being a marine scientist. A marine scientist may research a specific species or different genera of fishes and other aquatic animals.

– Science Writer 

For those who love writing, science writer is a profession where one is expected to write news articles and blogs related to scientific aspects of fauna and its interactions with flora.

– Animal nutritionist


Just how nutrition is important for human beings, similarly, animals’ bodies are affected by their nutrition too. An animal nutritionist studies food trends among animals and develops diets that can help improve those who are sick.

– Work with top institutes 

Top institutes like the Zoological Survey of India also provide professional jobs for zoologists to help in their researches about various life forms.


– Zoos and natural sanctuaries


Zoologists can work in zoos, parks, and sanctuaries to closely observe animal behavior and work on case studies to provide in-depth information about the possible threats and ways to conserve animal diversity.

Zoology is just a seven-letter word that can involve studies and researches worth seven worlds. It is a study of being closely associated with nature and other living forms. 

Being a zoologist brings an individual one step closer to nature. It is a field that is definitely worth your blood, sweat, and tears and will give you immense pleasure as you work towards the betterment of the condition of animals in a time when most living forms are at a threat of getting extinct.

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