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You are selected for an interview! Who else feels anxious and scared even at the thought of giving an interview? We all have been there once, right? Many questions start coming into our heads about preparing and dealing if an interviewer asks tricky questions.

It is essential to apply in the right company or domain in the first place so that you must receive productive feedback or response.

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  • Let’s break this whole procedure into two sections – 
    • Before the interview
    • In the interview 

There are some important things which you can do before appearing in an interview –

After receiving a formal email or call or text from the company, the next thing you need to do is read the job description carefully, try to get the latest details about the particular job for which you have applied. 

Try to note down some basic questions like your background, your educational qualifications, any past experiences, fundamental skills, abilities, and much more. Try to answer these fundamental questions. It will help you to be aligned with yourself for better results and without hesitation while responding in the first place. 


There are some tricky questions that an interviewer can ask, like why you should be employed? Why you want this job? What makes you an ideal candidate for this job? Why you applied to this company? All these can make you uncomfortable in the first place, right? So all you need to is to get yourself prepared and practice to answers such tricky questions. It would be best if you had a good understanding of why the interviewer will hire you. 


Ensure your area of interest and job lies in the same sector. It will help you co-relate with ‘why are you the right person for this job.’ Try to practice and frame your answer in a compiled manner. It will look like casual cum professional and boost your confidence. We live in a techno world; there are many platforms where you can try mock interviews to detect your mistakes and improve yourself.  

Research the company and its work environment. It will give you content about interviewer conservation. Moreover, it will provide you with an edge to beat the competition. It is imperative to do homework about the company like what product they sell, their services to their clients, the company’s culture, their work environment, etc. 


Do practice on your body language, it is the most important thing to be good posture, how your hands are moving, how you are standing, your table etiquettes, how much you are smiling all these things put a massive question to your personality if we aren’t in right actions. You can improve your body language and actions by rehearsing in front of a mirror. 

Things to be taken care of while in an interview –

There is no doubt in saying that physical appearance matters a lot in an offline interview. It will help others to form your personality. It is very important to avoid dark and glamorous stuff for both malefemale. As you are about to sell yourself, then your dressing sense must align with it. If your homework is completely done about the company, you must know where you have to go, be on time is the most important thing. It will reflect on your personality how serious and considerate you are for a job.


If there are too many people for the same job, you must wait for your turn. Try to carry at least three resume hardcopies for multiple interviewers, or if online, you must save it in a new folder. When they call your name, it is very important to greet with a healthy handshake or smiling face. It will help you to examine the environment and state of an interviewer.

interview - handshake

If you rehearsed well, you could only start your interview with complete confidence; otherwise, your lost face reduces your chances of getting selected. Eye contact is another important thing. If you had done practice on your body language and expressions, it would reflect in your pitch as well; there must be voice command in a receiving manner. Responding in a cranky way can increase the risk of not selecting. 

As you can’t predict every possible question, there must be some question for which you are not prepared. Instead of answering anything, ask for extra time to think productive. It is very important to tell your abilities and skills to them and how they can contribute to the company’s growth. Your answers must be in a positive aspect and contain relevant information to share during the interview. It is crucial to share your accomplishment with an employer as it turns into your potential and courageous gesture. 


Finally, some interviewer allows applicants to ask some thoughtful questions, so it is essential to put forward a relevant question or ask for some time.


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