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COVID-19 made job interviews virtual; unsurprisingly, most organizations and companies job interviews through an online medium during the pandemic phase. 

An online job interview is conducted through online video/audio platforms. It has become simple and effective for both interviewer and candidate for the responsible job title. With the hyper-connected digital age, online job interviews have become an integral part of the employment sector.

It becomes easier for companies to carry out their recruitment process online, even in a lockdown period. Virtual meetings are equally beneficial for the candidate too. It reduces transportation costs, speeds up the process, and allows hiring managers to oversee the non-local candidates as 86% of companies running their work through work from home. 

Majorly there are two types of online/virtual interviews, but employers can conduct them through different methods like a personality test, pre-employment test, and reasoning and IQ level test.


How To Practice For An Online Job Interview?

The most common type is the video chat platform. While setting up for a video call interview, an employee asks to check basic requirements like network connectivity, desktop verification, and web-cam and microphones allowances. This can be conducted through various programs like Skype, Zoom, Google meets, or Microsoft teams. 

Most companies prefer audio calls because of the low level of connectivity in video chat. It is essential to check whether you are in a calm place and try to avoid public places in audio calls. Before an audio call, check your speaker or microphone; sometimes, connections result in an echo of your voice.

Another method is recorded videos in which an employee sends you few questions with a deadline—all you need to film yourself while you answer each question. After you finished, you need to upload it and sent it back to the recruiter. 


What to prepare and how?

How To Practice For An Online Job Interview?

Acing a job interview can be a task, and without any preparation, you can identify how tough it can get. Some job seeker believes that you only require confidence and need to prepare basic questions. Still, it works only when you prepare well and familiarize yourself with the different types of online job interviews and tricky questions.

Always remember that online or virtual interviews are equally important as in-person ones. Preparation before them could get you to the next round or even a job offer letter if you prepared well while keeping few things in mind. And those are –

Test the technology.

It is crucial to check the desktop, connectivity level, speed test of network, working web camera and microphone, and the software through which the interview takes place. Before your interview appointment, try to schedule a meeting with a friend or family member to check all technical formalities. 


Practice! Practice! Practice

After testing all technical requirements and equipment, practise your techniques and prepare a brief on yourself along with your educational background and experience. Practice your listening and speaking within a mock meeting. The more you practice, the more you feel confident.

Choose your location.

In virtual meetings, locations play a huge role. Find a quiet room or place with minimal background noises and less distraction. Do check the lighting in the room; preferably, natural light works well. Make sure no housemates comes and distracts you.

There must be a professional backdrop on screen and in you that shows how serious you are for your respective job. Your chosen location for the video call must have speedy internet connectivity. 

Gather your material within your reach.

In the video call method, it is impossible to leave the screen for a moment. Generally, an employee will ask for a hard copy of your resume or CV; try to keep it nearest to you. And not just resume but few educational certificates which an employee ask for. 

Do’s in the virtual or online job interview –

  • No matter in which interview type you will be in, try to dress professionally to look presentable. Try to avoid dark colours and glamour accessories in your dress code. 
  • Whether it’s an in-person or virtual meeting, make eye contact with your employee. Light facial expressions with eye contact reflected confidence in your personality. You can practice your facial expressions. 
  • Body language is the key to crack any job interview, whether it is online or offline. Try to set up your desktop on the table to look attentive on screen; you must maintain a professional tone and stance. 
  • It is essential to stay focus and active every second. Try not to interfere in the middle of any sentence of the other person. You can raise your hand instead of switching your mic on and off. Don’t forget to switch off your mic when your part is done. 

Don’ts in virtual or online job interviews –

  • Don’t go unprepared. It will reduce your chance of getting selected or to the next level. Try to answer in a polite way and a clear voice tone. 
  • Don’t be too casual. It is imperative to maintain decorum and professionalism in the virtual meeting. Try to avoid any sarcastic slang or quote.
  • Don’t sit in a public place. It is very essential to choose the right location with good connectivity and a soundproof environment. 
  • Don’t use a silly username. Make sure you choose your name only because it will become easy for employees to recognize you.  

Try to keep these things in mind before setting up for an interview, and you are ready to pass it


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