How to Succeed in the Tech Industry as a Woman?


Being a woman in the sphere of technology can feel very alienating as it is a field dominated by men. However, if you are a woman and have a passion for technology, you should not let this stop you from following your dreams. There are many steps you can take that will help you succeed in the industry. In this post, we will see how to succeed in the tech industry as a woman.

Even though the number of women is on the lower side, you can form strong solidarity with them based on mutual support. Also, you can find a mentor who has been through the same thing and can guide you through it as well. 

Here are some tips to help you succeed in the tech industry: 

Form a Support System.

In a perfect world, your qualifications and credentials would speak for themselves. However, we live in a profoundly flawed society, and you should have advocated on your side for a kickstart in your career.

It can be very hard to navigate through the tech industry as a lone woman. If you have a female mentor, someone who is an experienced person in the industry, your career path will become less difficult. You need to network and connect with people to succeed in any industry. Networking and connections will open doors previously closed to you. 


Get a mentor. Even if the mentor isn’t from your own industry, she will still be able to give you very helpful advice from her own experiences. In fact, you should have multiple mentors with diverse skill sets so you can learn more from them.

There will be times when you will be facing complicated situations, and you will have no idea what move to make. In such situations, you will find the help of mentors invaluable. They can help you if you need to switch your career as well. 

It’s Never Too Late.

Maybe you weren’t interested in the world of tech when you were in college. Perhaps you studied something else and started working in a different field. If your interest in technology got sparked while you were already in some other field, it’s still not too late for you.

The world of tech has many entry-level jobs which don’t require a technical background. You could get a job in sales or customer service. If you are interested in technical jobs, you can join a course or go back to college for a major in a technical subject.

How to Succeed in the Tech Industry as a Woman?

You can also intern and learn new skills. These days all kinds of online courses and tutorials are available. If you have a passion, you have every opportunity to pursue it. 


Don’t Underestimate Yourself. 

These days there is such high competition in the world of tech that it is easy to feel overwhelmed and underconfident. You might feel that there isn’t a point in even applying for certain positions as people are much more experienced and qualified than you will be applying for.

However, that is a very pessimistic outlook, and you will never get anywhere with such an attitude. If you don’t apply, you will never land a job. Yes, during a job hunt, you will have to face many rejections and tough interviews.

But that is part of the process. You will need to keep applying, and one day it will simply click, and you will get the job of your dreams. It is essential to have confidence in your skills and abilities.

Speak Up.

If you want to get ahead in the world of tech, you will need to be confident. You will need to speak up at meetings and presentations. If you have an idea or even just a question, you should share it with the room.

By speaking up, you will make sure that the management notices you. In the corporate world, there is no space for people who are shy and underconfident. If you want to get ahead, you will have to get your voice heard. 


Set Boundaries.

Engineering roles can be very demanding. You might be asked to work late every day and even come in during the weekends. However, working too hard can cause burnout. It is important to have a healthy work-life balance.

If you start feeling overwhelmed at work, don’t be afraid to ask for reduced hours or fewer assignments. Set boundaries with your boss by letting him know that you won’t be able to work during the weekends. If you are working late, make sure you get paid overtime. 

Once you sign out from your work laptop, make sure you don’t do any more office work that day.


Being a woman in the world of tech is complicated. Men will outnumber you, and you might not have the support everyone should have at their workplace.

However, if you stay strong and follow the suggestions mentioned above, you can succeed in your career. 


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