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Many individuals wish to work for international companies, especially to work for a US company, due to a lot of reasons. While some are attracted to the lavish life of people associated with the region, others wish to step up their career prospects.

Why big companies prefer Indian professionals?

The Indian working professionals have always been a topic of interest for companies in India itself and from all around the world. This is so because the country has some of the best and most talented people in various sectors, making their talent limitless and trustworthy. Many companies based in the US always look for candidates from India because they are well aware of how hardworking and determined these individuals are.

Why remote jobs?

How To Work For A US Company From India Online?

The coronavirus outbreak led to travel restrictions being placed in a lot of countries and individuals being devoid of the opportunity to go abroad and work for the companies they wish to. But as it is said that life must go on, the immense technological development that has taken place in recent years has provided a reasonable substitute for people, known by the name of online or remote jobs.

Many companies in India and abroad are now providing their employees with the option of working for them while residing in their homeland. The initial reason for the same was the covid-19 pandemic, but the companies now prefer remote jobs due to many other reasons.


Companies providing remote jobs

A list of some of the biggest companies providing their employees’ remote online jobs so that they can work from the comfort of their homes and earn a decent pay scale is presented below.

  • Facebook
  • Symantec
  • VMware 
  • Xerox
  • Kaplan
  • Hopper
  • Zoom
  • Dell
  • Amazon

Apart from the brands mentioned above, there are a lot of other companies associated in different sectors ranging from health care to food and nutrition, from devices to management, so on and so forth.

Ways to apply to work for a US company from India online.

Ways to apply to work for a US company from India online.

How the companies offer remote jobs and fulfil the expectations of candidates, a similar response is expected by the companies when hiring individuals from different countries, including India. To apply to these companies, an individual can either directly go to their websites to be updated on the upcoming opportunities or seek the help of various websites associated with the same, including Monster, Indeed, Glassdoor, Upwork, and many others.

These websites serve as a link between businesses and the individuals looking to work for them. The opportunities are always updated on these websites on time, and one does not need to worry about missing them due to a lack of awareness regarding the same.

Skills required for jobs abroad or to work for a US company.

When discussing job prospects or work for a US company, it also becomes essential to know what skills these companies look for in general when hiring potential candidates. The two most important things include experience and communication skills. They usually prefer to choose candidates who have had exposure to real projects to get an idea of their working approach.


Communication skills play an equally important role because individuals will be expected to deal with many people from different regions. Therefore it is reasonably necessary to have mastered the English language and the essential communication skills through emails, calls, and video calls.

Therefore, it can be concluded that an individual can work for a company based in the US. The only prerequisites for the same are awareness about opportunities and the right skills necessary for grabbing them and avoiding being rejected. Go check out these companies and make sure to give your best. Good luck. 

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