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Dr Pooja Tripathi is a public health professional and a congress leader. she writes a open letter to Baba Ramdev.

An open letter to Baba Ramdev

‘If you can’t respect, at least don’t mock’

India is still battling a deadly pandemic and we are nowhere near the end.  I am writing this letter grasping the reality that I have lost another friend and a doctor to corona. She was due to deliver her first child.

Healthcare workers are scurrying for bed, oxygen cylinders and medicines to save patients. People with access to the internet have turned to social media to find leads for beds and oxygen cylinders for their loved ones, a job expected from the government. Meanwhile, rural India is collapsing to the virus without any resources to help them.

The second wave of COVID in India has left a trail of devastation. Every other person you speak to is likely to have a tale of lo…..Read More


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