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Known as the Debater, ENTP is one of the sixteen personality types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). People with this personality type are great conversationalists and admire debating with people. They are expressive when it comes to their opinions– exhibiting extroverted behavior. Simultaneously, they may get disconnected from others as they tend to show curiosity about things around them. They are deeply immersed in deciphering the world around them.

Extraverted (E) Intuition (N), Thinking (T) Prospecting (P)

Their fascination with knowledge and habit of debating may misrepresent them as an arguer– who does it for the sake of arguing. However, this being a plus point for ENTPs, generally, when they make a habit of jumping from one topic to the next about an issue fiercely, ENTPs make great lawyers. They are charismatic, which only boosts their ability to capture the attention of the audience.

They fear not knowing everything or missing out on things, making it difficult for them to adhere to one path strictly. Their curiousness may also thwart their healthy relationships with colleagues and family. They may be remarkable in terms of knowledge but may also lose sight of the needs of those around them.


Thus, their strength and weaknesses impact the career they opt for, and this necessitates the need to analyze the job alternatives that will be a perfect fit for their personality type.

Here are the five career choices for ENTPs –

1. Lawyer

Being a curious debater with already having a hang of researching an issue fiercely, ENTPs make great lawyers. They are charismatic, which only boosts their ability to capture the attention of the audience.

What Are The Career Choices For ENTPs? - Lawyer

They are bold and do not give up– they have an ingrained habit of being unafraid to try things. This, equipped with their tremendous confidence in themselves, makes them great for this career.

2. Actor

A somewhat stretchy vocation, but people with ENTP personality types can also be remarkable actors.


Their pattern of showing flightiness or moving from one thing to another helps them take the role of numerous personalities without affixing themselves to a single persona.

What Are The Career Choices For ENTPs? - Actor

Their charm and confidence also assist them in becoming actors and being an incredible conversationalists. They are talented enough to give journalists interesting interviews that go a long way to mould an actor’s career.

3. Professor

ENTPs do have a versatile choice when it comes to choosing a career. This job mandates a specific status of expressing your mastery in your subject and simultaneously determining the existing standards.

Professors should always be up for a debate in their class and show flexibility in their thoughts and shift their opinions with the growing change around them.

What Are The Career Choices For ENTPs? - Professor

They need to be sharp-witted, enjoy discussions, and jest in between lectures with their students to keep the atmosphere student-friendly.


4. Psychologist

Psychology is yet another route that has conversational skills as a prerequisite. Moreover, it also requires analyzing and observing people, examining and diagnosing their disorders. ENTP personality type fulfills all these requirements, and thus psychologist is an excellent option for them.

What Are The Career Choices For ENTPs? - Psychologist

Their crucial skill being thinking; ENTPs perform very well in this career as it requires higher thinking capacity.

5. Environmental Scientist

Environmental scientists are those who explore the issues and problems in the environment.

What Are The Career Choices For ENTPs? - Environmental Scientist

They spend their time researching and collecting resources to combat those issues and find reasonable solutions. Known for being good thinkers, they perform well in this vocation. The tasks revolving around examining and theorizing, in which ENTPs are competent, are significant for this position.

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