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Pregnancy is the most beautiful period in every female’s life where she falls in love with someone she hasn’t met yet. It makes her to realize how important and fragile life is and why it must be protected at all costs, especially for the first-time expecting mothers. The changes may last for 9 months but the beauty of motherhood lasts for years. The moment of newness and approach towards embracing motherhood is the feeling indefinable. However, most women who experience these 9 months for the first time are unaware of proper Do’s and Don’t during those crucial times. 

So, here are 7 mistakes which should be avoided by first time expecting mothers during her pregnancy. 

1.  Unbalanced Diet 

Expecting mothers only require extra 300 calories during their pregnancy which can be either obtained from protein, complex carbohydrates, or good fat like fruits, green vegetables, nuts, pulses, and eggs in their diet. Both overeating and undereating are harmful to good health. Eating too much ghee and butter during pregnancy will lead to obesity which causes high risks of pregnancy complications like hypertension and gestation diabetes. 



2. Improper nutrition

Expecting mothers should avoid eating large amounts of food in three meals whereas dividing into small amounts of food in an interval of every 2 hours is good for better digestion and absorption. This will cause less acidity.

3. Gaining too much Weight 


Expecting mothers have a myth that gaining weight is good for a healthy baby but let me tell you Ideal weight gain for healthy pregnant women is 14 to 16 kg, not more than this, whereas babies born to obese mothers are more prone to heart defects and neural tube defects. Having too much body fat can make it difficult to see certain problems with the baby’s anatomy on an ultrasound.


4. Taking stress during pregnancy

Unfortunately, the first time mothers have to face severe discomfort or physical problems which may bring them under stress. it shows effects such as headaches, insomnia, exhaustion, and much more. Loss of appetite, dysentery, and mood swings are some other ways in which stress can affect their pregnancy.


5.  Inadequate sleep

Expecting mothers are advised to take 7-8 hours of adequate sleep by the doctors. If possible, they should take 1-2 hours of rest after every meal. Lack of sleep during pregnancy has been a reason for a number of complications like preeclampsia which is a serious condition that affects blood pressure and kidneys. This condition can result in premature birth.


6. Skipping Exercises


Expecting mothers have the myth that exercising during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage but in reality, too much rest and lack of exercise can lead to a high risk of complications such as low blood pressure and pulse rate and increase the risk for gestational diabetes.  These not only affect the health of the mother but also put the life of the unborn child at high risk.

Do's and Don'ts during pregnancy
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7. Insufficient intake of water

Insufficient intake of water during pregnancy may cause serious complications like improper fetal circulation, less amniotic fluid, and blood volume ratio.  According to The Institute of Medicine, pregnant women must increase their total water intake by 300 ml per day to avoid intoxication.



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