What strikes to your mind when you listen the term ADDICTION?

Are they Drugs, Alcohol, Smoking or anything which can cause harm to an individual?

Yes, because it is obvious to relate addiction with drug or alcohol abuse. As it is so often used in this context.

But this is not the whole story. On one side people believe addiction is uncontrollable illness that requires medical treatment whereas on the other side people believe addiction is a result of poor choices that have created a state of dependency.


In actual,” addiction is a behaviour and all behaviour are choices”.

So, that implies people choose to be addicted but that’s not the case. The fact that what all of us seek from our lives is happiness or satisfaction Which  now a days is no fun. Each of us face challenges every day. And our responses to these challenges defines it all. Some of us make poor choices to deal with these challenges and some take these challenges as an opportunity and come over the difficulties. The key is to choose positive reactions more often than we choose negative ones.

So, we end up rationalizing it .It’s more important to admit that we don’t have strength sometimes. Drinking alcohol or taking drugs to handle stress, anxiety or failure is the simplest way to escape. But it takes courage to be more dedicated, more punctual, or to be more serious towards your goals.

As addiction is a choice, then why to make poor choices. Choices that do not promise strength, confidence, positive personal growth, happiness or success. ”Master your choices or become the slave of their consequences”.

What about having positive addictions? “An addiction to success”? This is something we all want in different perspectives. With a thoughtful and well defined vision of success, your addiction to it can help drive you forward and create the inner force you’ll need to reach your dreams because “The best view comes after the hardest climb”.


Ask yourself is it where you want to be, Is it who you want to be, and are you headed in the direction you want to go .You might not necessarily have the first two down yet but if you’re headed in the right direction those thing will come in time.

Addiction is not something negative, our choices make it so. When we are addicted to something we’re passionate about things, we crave excitement, we take risks, we value nonconformity. These all are the traits which are required to be successful. Then why not use them to achieve our dreams, to get a life we want to live, to make our life a blessing not only for ourselves but also for those around us.

It’s up to you to decide what does addiction stands for in your life??



-Aliya Rashid

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