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The firing in Delhi’s Rohini court has once again underlined the lapses in the security system and the rising morale of the criminals. On Friday, police took the bounty head crook for hearing to the Rohini court.

As soon as he was produced, the miscreants of his rival gang shot him in the crowded court. However, the police immediately took charge and killed the two attackers. An old enmity is being talked about between the two groups.

Although computerized equipment has been installed at the entrances to Delhi courts, the attackers were able to dodge the security arrangements by dressing as lawyers. This is not the first incident in any court. Such incidents have happened before in Rohini court itself.

Shoot-Out In The Capital's Court Is A Menacing Security Shortcoming

The miscreants must have planned to attack in the court because they would have felt the court more accessible. The miscreant they had come to kill was in jail and was produced before the court. He couldn’t do this in prison.

Fortunately, there were no other casualties in this incident, otherwise, the number of bullets fired by the miscreants there could have put the lives of common people in danger.

Shoot-out in the capital's court is a menacing security shortcoming
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Delhi is a more sensitive city. Therefore, emphasis is laid on keeping the security system more robust here. Delhi Police has been claiming on many occasions that it will make the capital crime-free, but the reality is that there are many gangs of outlaws active here and in adjoining cities, and they carry out murders sometimes in mutual rivalry and sometimes professionally.

Their arrogance can be gauged from the fact that they do not consider the police as a threat. A few months back, a criminal who was being taken in a police car was similarly attacked by his rival miscreants.

Although the attacking rogues were killed in that too, questions were raised about the miscreants challenging the Delhi Police.

However, in the latest incident, the police squad taken to court must have feared that something untoward might happen, so they went armed and succeeded in killing the attackers. In this case, it can be called a big success of the Delhi Police. But the challenges in front of them are how they can devise fear among such miscreants and curb crime.

Shoot-out in the capital's court is a menacing security shortcoming
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On this incident, the Delhi Police Commissioner has said that the criminals involved in this will not be spared in any way. But it remains to be seen what steps the police take to crack down on such criminals operating in the capital. The reasons for the growth and morale of these criminals are not hidden.

They continue to carry out crimes like capturing land and supari killing. The result of not being able to curb them is that even those who commit rape, molestation, extortion do not fear the system.

Such incidents have been increasing incessantly in Delhi. The success of the police is believed to be able to create fear in the minds of criminals. If the Delhi Police is proving to be a failure, then it needs to rethink its strategies to prevent crime.



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