300 Zilla Parishad Schools To Be Turned Into ‘Model Schools’ In Maharashtra – The Second Angle


As per the guidelines released on Monday, October 26, the State Education and Sports Department has disclosed a list of 300 Zilla Parishad schools of Maharashtra, with a plan to turn it into ‘Model School’ in the first phase.

According to the report, the state government plans to provide and nurture merit in education, sound academic principles and overall development of children in these schools.
Further, a notification by the government has been released stating that the objective is to bring parents to such schools, making students feel like coming to schools even on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and contribute actively during school hours. The department has instructed Zilla Parishad  Education Officers to deliver a list of the schools in their jurisdiction by November 6.

Model School
List of selected schools, Taluka district source: TheHitavada

Vandana Krushna, the Principal Secretary of the State Education Department, has announced that as per the financial year budgetary allocation for the model schools, the first phase will comprise 300 schools from Standard I to VII.

As per the guidelines of the New Education Policy, These schools will get modern approach roads, lavatories, drinking water system, science laboratory, an atmosphere for quality education and directed on reading, writing and mathematics. The notification released by the government asserted that every Saturday would be announced as a ‘bag free day’ to deduct the stress level among the students.

In the academic unit of the model schools, all necessary elements that would establish a conducive environment for education will be empowered. Moreover, the teachers will be advised to teach beyond textbooks and reading, writing and maths topics should be detailed with the children in this unit under this scheme.

The government also intends to build an administrative set up where teachers rejoice to teach and stay at one school for a tenure of at least five years.

These schools will work as a “school complex”, wherein supplementary schools and teachers can utilize their facilities. The plan to formulate such model schools was announced early in March this year.

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