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In the past few years, we have seen many young aspirants who came up with innovative ideas and visions to bring changes in society. Their ideas not only inspires youngsters but also helps people to get acquainted with modernization.

Like many, we also heard about a group of young minds from Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. Who came up with a brilliant idea of setting up of a library, to inspires people of the community to read books more and more. They used dismantled government structure to set up the library.


This library was the result of their hard work and dedication. They didn’t mind working like a mason or a carpenter. Indeed that needs a lot of courage. They all did this for the sake of community and the budding youngsters. They want to encourage people to read good books and get influence by it.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu, praised each student who came up and contributed to this amazing project. Under the guidance of the ‘All Tawang District Students'(ATDSU), the entire project was completed in 40 days. Also, around 15 students from universities, colleges and schools came forward to help them.

As Tawang is a remote district, Pema Tsering, who is a student leader and also in-charge of the library building committee, said that books are rare to be found here. When they found that not many people read books these days, they wanted to inspire others, particularly young people, to return to their reading habits.

The total price of the library was around 6.5 lakh. It is half concrete and half wooden, and CGI sheets are used for roofing. Tsering said, they used money from the union’s fund and also got support from their well-wishers to build up the community library.

Sharing more library knowledge, Tsering said, it would be different from other libraries in that province. For youngsters, it will mostly include inspiring books, comics etc. so that they can enjoy the reading experience.

Social media platforms are the best way to spread any news with a second. Many people got to know about the community library of Arunachal Pradesh via the internet, many of them have reached out and expressed interest in sharing books. There have been many students who wished to give away their used books to the library.  These small contributions must be very important for the library.

Tsering also said, that through this community library, young people are supposed to be encouraged to adopt the habit of reading books. Besides, they plan to hand the library over to the education department of the state for proper control of it.


Earlier people were used to read more books. They were aware of the importance of that hard covered, deliciously smelling books. But nowadays people have forgotten the actual meaning of reading and alas they have lost its essence too. But with this innovative idea of opening a community library is a great way to revive the history of reading. It would also help those people who always wanted to read their favourite books but lack of resources made their way harder.

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