Top 5 Finest Shawarma Points In Aligarh

Shawarma is a popular Middle Eastern dish made with marinated meats like lamb or chicken.


Shawarma is a popular Middle Eastern dish made with marinated meats like lamb or chicken. It is one of the most widely consumed street dishes on the planet. Shawarma is a delectable dish that is sure to please meat and cuisine lovers alike. It can be readily purchased and consumed on the go by street vendors. Though shawarma recipes and ingredients vary by region, the dish generally consists of meat, sauce, and various toppings wrapped in a piece of flatbread.

We are here to show you some of the Finest Shawarma points in Aligarh-

1. Al-Junaid Shawarma


Al Junaid Chicken Soup, Aligarh - Restaurant reviews
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Al Junaid Shawarma offers a wide range of tasty and spicy dishes. Al Junaid Shawarma is a well-known restaurant with a strong following and a significant presence in the market. This restaurant’s specialty is its finely prepared and delicious shawarma, which is highly rated by its customers.

Location: Dodhpur Road, Aligarh

Contact: 096341 04974

2. Al-Fida Chicken Shawarma Point


Al Fida Chicken Shawarma Point - Chicken restaurant in Aligarh, India | Top-Rated.Online
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Due to its value for money servings, It is one of Aligarh’s fastest rising shawarma sites in terms of popularity. Because the majority of the customers in Aligarh are students, they prefer Al-Fida because of the excellent shawarma and other tasty items that it offers at affordable prices.


Location: Opp. Noor Manzil, Dodhpur Road, Aligarh

Contact: 9319884909

3. Tandoori Nites


Tandoori Nites Restaurant, Civil Lines, Aligarh - Chinese, Mughlai, North Indian, Italian, Fast Food, Rolls Cuisine Restaurant - Justdial
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This restaurant provides delicious Indian cuisine. It’s a delight to eat well-grilled chicken shawarma and other street delicacies. Tandoori Nites offers food delivery for its customers’ convenience. Many guests have remarked on how wonderful the service is at this establishment. Visitors would like to see the quality of service here improve.

Location: Muzammil Complex, Dodhpur Road, Aligarh

Contact: 9719736113


4. Lazzat Restaurant


Lazzat Restaurant, Civil Lines, Aligarh - Food Menu Card - Justdial
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They serve a variety of cuisines, and our Chicken Shawarma is well-known. Lazzat Restaurant continues to deliver the promise of healthy, simple, clean, and delicious meals at a reasonable price. Although the restaurant is small, it is tastefully designed. They also have a variety of other foods to choose from. Lazzat’s shawarma will undoubtedly satisfy you.

Location: Dodhpur Road, Civil Lines, Aligarh

Contact:  090456 70787

5. Sher-E-Punjab


Sher E Punjab & Party, Aligarh Ho - Bands in Aligarh - Justdial
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Aligarh’s Sher-E-Punjab eatery is well-known. It has a large number of locations in Aligarh. The Indian cuisine is the restaurant’s main attraction. Delicious chicken rolls, chicken, egg rolls, and, most notably, Shawarma will captivate you from the first bite. The prices of the Rolls and Shawarma will astound you because they are very affordable.

Locations: Dodhpur Road, Aligarh.


                  Shamshad Road, Aligarh

                  Jamalpur Road, Aligarh

Contacts: 093597 91971, 7500210379, 9045791971

We are certain that you will enjoy the Shawarma culture in Aligarh, as there are many options to select from.


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